The 15 Best Canvas Tents for Camping | 2019

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Why Canvas?

Canvas tents are less common these days. Synthetic technology with its crazy lightweight has taken over and trumped the good ol’ canvas, which is a shame because canvas still has a lot to offer.

Canvas is a heavy-duty woven material usually made out of cotton, linen or, less commonly, hemp. It has many advantages over synthetic materials such as nylon that contribute significantly to an improved camping experience. For example, canvas insulates the interior of the tent very effectively against both sounds and temperature. This means that you won’t get any swishing or flapping sounds in the wind, you’ll be less likely to hear your neighbors in nearby tents, in the summer the interior will remain cool, and in the winter, especially if you use a heat source, you’ll be cozy and warm.

This also explains why canvas is the material of choice for long-term tent solutions such as yurts, as they are truly 4 season constructions, with the ability to weather storms and maintain a comfortable temperature.

Canvas also wicks moisture while remaining breathable, meaning that condensation is almost never a problem in canvas tents, ventilation is brilliant, and there will never be problems with humid or muggy interiors.

Finally, as if this wasn’t enough, canvas is so durable that it will likely last you a lifetime and be the only tent you need to own, making it a worthwhile investment if camping is an important part of your lifestyle.

Canvas Pros:

  • is more durable than most synthetic tent materials;
  • is very breathable and has great ventilation;
  • has moisture wicking properties meaning condensation won’t be an issue;
  • is a better insulator of both sound and temperature than synthetic materials;
  • tolerates UV rays better than synthetic materials;
  • allows for the use of a stove for heating inside;
  • will last a lifetime and likely be the only tent you need to own; and
  • is the more environmentally friendly option.

However, as with everything, there is always a downside.

Canvas Cons:

  • is heavier and larger when packed so not suitable for lightweight backpacking trips;
  • needs to be thoroughly dried before being packed away after a rainy night to prevent mold and mildew; and
  • is usually more expensive, but this is an investment that will arguably pay off in the long run so depending on your financial situation, not necessarily a con.

Canvas TentOur RatingRead MorePrice

Kodiak Canvas Flexbow Tent
9.8/10Jump To ReviewClick To See Latest Price

Bushtec Adventure Alpha Kilo 4000
9.4/10Jump To ReviewClick To See Latest Price

Kodiak Canvas 1 Person Swag Tent
9.0/10Jump To ReviewClick To See Latest Price

Danche 4 Season Cotton Family Bell Tent
9.1/10Jump To ReviewClick To See Latest Price

The Colorado Range Cowboy Tipi Canvas Tent
8.5/10Jump To ReviewClick To See Latest Price

Teton Sports Mesa 10 Canvas Cabin Tent
9.1/10Jump To ReviewClick To See Latest Price

Springbar Highline 6 Person Family Tent
9.5/10Jump To ReviewClick To See Latest Price

Kodiak Canvas 12X9 Canvas Cabin Tent
9.7/10Jump To ReviewClick To See Latest Price

Trek Four Season Cotton Canvas Tent
8.6/10Jump To ReviewClick To See Latest Price

White Duck Outdoors Family Camping Tent
9.6/10Jump To ReviewClick To See Latest Price

Robens Klondike 6 Person Bell Tent
8.7/10Jump To ReviewClick To See Latest Price

Jet Tent F25dx 10 Person Camping Tent
9.2/10Jump To ReviewClick To See Latest Price

Elk Mountain Canvas Wall Tent
9.0/10Jump To ReviewClick To See Latest Price

Kodiak Canvas Truckbed Tent
8.8/10Jump To ReviewClick To See Latest Price

Oztent 30 Second Expedition
9.5/10Jump To reviewSee Latest Price

What To Look For in a Canvas Tent

So, assuming you’ve decided that a canvas tent is the way you want to go, here are some things to consider when choosing which tent to go for. Is it easily portable? Short or long stay? Truckbed tent or Freestanding? Tipi/bell, ridge, dome or tunnel?

It really comes down what you plan to use your tent for, as there are canvas tents for every occasion!

Smaller, more portable tents are well suited to hunters and car campers who don’t require a lot of living space and want something that is easy to throw in the back of the car. Unfortunately, canvas tents are usually too bulky and heavy for backpacking, so there aren’t any included in this list.

Larger, dome or tipi style tents are well suited to families for camping holidays.

Even larger marquee style tents can be great for festivals, parties or celebrations where you can even set up a table and chairs inside.
Truckbed tents are an option that varies hugely in size, the only real requirement being that you have a truck. Designed to sleep 2-3 people, they can be set up on the flatbed rear of the truck and either be completely off the ground or partially on the ground when the tent is larger.

The following list will include a number of different styles to ensure that there is a great option for everyone.

Other things to consider include:

  • how easy the tent is to assemble and disassemble
  • the size of the doorway and number of doorways for ease of access
  • the kind of weather/seasons the tent is designed to cope with (though most good quality canvas tents can be classed as 4 season tents)
  • the waterproofing and durability of the floor material
  • bathtub sides for extra protection from wind and rain

Top 15 canvas tents for the 2019 season:


Kodiak Canvas Flexbow Tent

  •  4, 6 or 8 person
  • Hydra-Shield 100% cotton duck canvas
  • 6’1” ceiling height
  • 2 large doors
  • 4 large windows with mesh screens
  • Seamless heavy duty vinyl floor
  • 2 funnel vents for ventilation
  • Easy set up for 1 person
  • 55 lbs

A reliable Kodiak tent, the Flexbow tent on Amazon, is a highly popular tent for families, festival-goers and hunters alike, being waterproof, durable, breathable, and capable of standing up to all weather conditions. Available in multiple sizes, the Flexbow tent’s canvas is treated in a way that maintains breathability and allows moisture to escape, resulting in a dry, cool in summer and warm in winter interior. The large awning provides extra protection from the elements while a gear storage system lets you keep everything organized inside. 2 doors allow for easy access, while 4 windows together with 2 funnel vents result in maximum ventilation. There’s not much to fault with this tent so if you’re after a trusty, beautifully made tent, this is your baby.

Bushtec Adventure Alpha Kilo 4000

  •  Military grade canvas
  • Sleeps 6
  • Dome style
  • Freestanding
  • 10’x10’
  • Single room
  • 2 windows with mesh screens
  • 1 door
  • PVC bath tub floor
  • 7’ ceiling
  • Spring steel poles
  • 90 lbs

One of the more unique canvas tents on the market, the Alpha Kilo 4000 available on Amazon but created by Bushtec Adventure, features a freestanding dome shape with a partial coverage fly which just reaches far enough down the dome to protect the vents and the tops of the windows and then branches out to form the awning. It is highly weatherproof with a PVC bath tub floor and even a waterproof carry bag! The military grade canvas is one of the most durable canvases out there and is treated to be flame retardant and UV resistant.

Kodiak Canvas 1 Person Swag Tent

  • 100% cotton duck canvas
  • Tunnel style
  • 6’8” long, 3’ approx. wide
  • 2” foam mattress pad with flannel cover included
  • Zip windows at head and foot
  • 17.5 lbs

Essentially a heavy duty bivy bag, the Kodiak Canvas 1 Person Swag Tent available on Amazon, is a fantastic option for car camping or hunting if you literally just want somewhere to sleep, but the weighty canvas and the bulky mattress, unfortunately, it means this isn’t suited to backpacking. But, if you’re really determined, you could take this for a short walk to a camping spot. The included mattress rolls up with the tent and means you don’t need to worry about packing a separate sleeping mat. The canvas top rolls back to reveal a mesh screen so you can sleep under the stars in warm weather but remain protected from insects. The windows at the head and foot end zip open to allow for the cool night air to flow through. The tent is easy to set up and chuck in the car, so you will have no excuse to not get away for that weekend excursion.

Danche 4 Season Cotton Family Bell Tent

    • Heavy-duty canvas
    • Different sizes available
  • Heavy-duty PVC zip-on floor
  • 4 roof vents
  • 4 zip-up windows
  • 2 stove jacks
  • Easy set up
  • 1 large entrance way
  • Affordable

This Danche Bell Tent is a highly versatile tent, being weatherproof and durable enough to put up with all seasons while adaptable for use as a ‘glamping’ or function tent (the floor can be completely unzipped allowing for a gazebo style canopy). If you want to learn more about Glamping, click here to read our “What Is Glamping” article. More about the tent, 4 roof vents allow for excellent ventilation, mesh screens provide protection from insects, while 2 stove jacks cater for cooking and heating. All materials are highly durable and waterproof, however, stove protectors for the jacks are recommended. All in all, this is a great value tent, being significantly cheaper than its counterparts but still good quality.

The Colorado Range Cowboy Tipi Canvas Tent

  •  9’6”x9’6”
  • Vinyl sewn-in floor
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Rear window
  • Single door
  • Durable
  • 24 lbs

As its name suggests, this tent claims to be designed for working ranch cowboys, however, it is also well suited to car campers if you like the tipi style. If you want a lighter set up, the tent peak can be roped to a tree limb to save carrying the external pole set up (though this would be a less secure option and is not recommended). The design, remarkably, remains relatively unchanged since its 1916 debut indicating a classic, fail-safe tent. There is little information online regarding specs or recommended number of occupants. It seems the makers are minimalist in both style of tent and advertising! However, if the length of time this tent has been around is anything to go by and you’re not looking for all of the bells and whistles of a high tech tent, this is worth checking out.

Teton Sports Mesa 10 Canvas Cabin Tent

  • 10’x10’
  • Treated cotton canvas is waterproof and breathable
  • Sleeps 4-6
  • 2 Extra wide doors with mesh screens
  • Simple, quick set up
  • Steel frame
  • E ports for power connection
  • Large awning
  • 80 lbs

A sturdy, single room, cabin tent, the Teton Sports Mesa 10 is a well-designed, durable and sturdy family camping tent that ticks all the boxes for canvas tent requirements while being a product of its time with e-ports for connection to power sources. 2 large doors make entering and exiting a breeze while also allowing for easy movement of gear. The oversized awning provides added protection from sunlight and rain. Very similar to the Springbar below but more affordable and with an extra door, this tent is a fantastic choice.

Springbar Highline 6 Person Family Tent

  •  100% cotton duck canvas
  • Cabin style
  • 10’x10’
  • 6’5” interior height
  • Heavy-duty vinyl waterproof groundsheet
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Easy setup
  • Galvanized steel poles
  • 2 large windows
  • 1 entrance way
  • 74lbs

Springbar tents have been a classic for over 60 years, family owned and made in America, these tents are a reliable choice. The simple cabin design can be easily set up by one person, with 2 large windows front and back, 2 small windows on either side, and one large entrance way with an awning. The Cotton Duck Canvas is finished to be completely watertight and mold-resistant which is a plus when taking the time to air your tent before packing it away isn’t always convenient. Well suited to a variety of camping styles, the Highline will cater to families, hunters and car campers with ease.

Kodiak Canvas 12X9 Canvas Cabin Tent

  •  Hydra-Sheild 100% cotton duck canvas
  • Sleeps 4-6
  • Silicone finish is watertight and breathable
  • 7’5” ceiling height
  • Steep walls provide a roomy interior
  • 2 large doors
  • 5 large windows with mesh screens
  • Heavy duty seamless vinyl floor
  • Galvanized steel tube frame
  • 92 lbs

Not as simple to set up as the Flexbow but a great choice for longer camping trips, this Kodiak Canvas Cabin tent is another trustworthy choice from Kodiak. 2 large doors and 5 windows make for airy living with easy access while the steep sides result in a spacious interior. The side walls roll up or extend with poles into an awning for extra versatility. The top quality materials result in a dry interior which remains cool in summer and warm in the winter. If you want to stop it up a notch in terms of luxury, the next model up from this includes a deluxe 8’x8.5’ awning for serious outdoor living.

Trek Four Season Cotton Canvas Tent

  • Sleeps 9
  • 100% cotton canvas
  • Cabin style
  • Single room
  • 10’x16’
  • 7’5” ceiling height
  • 29kg packed weight
  • 4 large windows with insect screen
  • Front and rear doors
  • Steel frame
  • Vinyl laminated floor
  • Fire retardant materials

This is a spacious, weatherproof, durable tent with 2 entrance ways, plenty of windows, plenty of ventilation and a silver roof for keeping you cool in the sun. Whether or not you’d want to share your tent with 8 other people is a personal choice, but it’s nice to know that you have the option! There’s little to fault with the Trek Canvas Tent, vertical walls result in plenty of living space while 2 entrance ways make for a versatile living arrangement inside and the front awning provides extra protection from sun and light rain.

White Duck Outdoors Family Camping Tent

  • Sleeps 6
  • Cabin style
  • 10’x10’
  • 100% cotton canvas
  • 39kg packed weight
  • Pre-treated against mildew
  • Galvanized steel poles
  • Silicone water repellent finish maintains breathability of cotton while being lightweight
  • Polyvinyl heavy-duty bathtub groundsheet
  • 2 doors with windows that open from the inside
  • Easy to set up

This canvas tent from White Duck is ideal for family camping holidays, especially if you live in some of the wetter places in the world. It is good quality and well-designed resulting in a durable, 4 season tent which will stand up to all weather conditions, especially if you purchase the canvas rain fly which is sold separately. The roof is even silver-coated which allows the tent to remain cool in hot weather through reflecting sunlight. The awning is ideal for providing shade and protection from light rain over the doorway. The downsides surround its packed size and weight. This is a heavy duty tent, weighing in at 39kg, and taking up a fair bit of space once packed, so you’ll want to be committed if you’re putting this in the boot.

Robens Klondike 6 Person Bell Tent

  • Hydrotex Polycotton canvas is 65% cotton 35% polyester
  • 5’9” standing height
  • Zip-in 100% polyester groundsheet creates a versatile living area
  • Stove pipe port compatible with Robens stoves
  • Apex vent can be adjusted from the inside for varied ventilation
  • 16.1kg packed weight
  • Alloy poles

(Exclusive to UK) Robens is a reputable European company providing us with another ideal family tent with all the benefits of canvas but at a slightly lighter weight. The canvas-polyester mix can still be considered essentially canvas but reduced in weight and still very durable, breathable and waterproof. This tipi style tent consists of 1 room with plenty of standing space in the center for taller people. The walls are protected from rain run-off by small overhanging eaves while the vertical doors are ideal for easy access in bad weather. The zip-in groundsheet is a unique feature which allows the groundsheet to be unzipped away from the door making space for stove usage or wet shoes in bad weather.

Jet Tent F25dx 10 Person Camping Tent – Largest In Size

  •  Ripstop Polycotton canvas
  • Very waterproof
  • 3 rooms
  • 7 double layer windows
  • Waterproof bathtub PVC groundsheet
  • 2 large vents for maximum ventilation
  • Aluminum poles
  • 1 doorway

Another canvas-polyester mix, the Jet Tent tent maintains all of the favorable qualities of a canvas as above like the Robens Klondike, but results in a slightly lighter tent, which is appreciated for a tent of this size. Materials aside, this is one huge tent, designed for some serious camping or for large families. It consists of a large central living room with ceiling height walls which is flanked by 2 smaller rooms for sleeping with sloped ceilings. Being very well ventilated, with a spacious interior and plenty of windows, this is a very well-designed tent. The downside mainly surrounds the price (high!) and the weight (still high!) but this is to be expected for such a large tent.

Elk Mountain Canvas Wall Tent

  •  Water and mold resistant polyester canvas
  • 13’x20’
  • Sleeps as many people as you’d like to squeeze in…
  • Includes stove jack
  • 6 windows and 2 tube vents
  • No floor

“Designed by hunters, for hunters”, the Elk Mountain Canvas Wall Tent available on Amazon, is the ultimate base camp tent, being huge, durable and affordable. It can handle all temperatures remaining cool in hot weather and warm when temperatures drop while being well ventilated due to the 6 windows and 2 tube vents. For ultimate customizability, the fiberglass stove jack comes uncut so that it can be cut to size specifically for your stove of choice. The poles are sold separately but in total, this is still a highly affordable tent for its size and quality. Alternatively, if you’re handy in the DIY department you can save some money and make your own poles. Being a wall tent, this tent has no floors which needs to be taken into account. It’s not necessarily a bad thing if you know what you’re in for, but it won’t be as well suited to large families as the Jet Tent above. Also, it’s likely a multi-person job to set it up.

Kodiak Canvas Truckbed Tent

  • Hydra-Sheild 100% cotton duck canvas
  • Tunnel design
  • 5’ ceiling
  • 5 windows with mesh screens for ventilation
  • Steel tube frame
  • Large D-shaped door at rear and entry to truck cabin at front
  • Interior pockets for gear organization

Truckbed camping allows for extra flexibility in your camping locations, being less dependent on finding flat, well-drained ground, and not relying on guy ropes for stability. The Kodiak Canvas Truckbed is likely to be the best truck bed tent on the market, with top quality materials and a reliable design. It is waterproof, breathable, very durable and likely to be the only truck bed tent you’ll ever need to own. The tunnel design makes it super reliable against all weather types, just prepare for the temperatures and you will be fine!

Oztent 30 Second Expedition 3-4 Person

  • 3-4 Person Tent
  • Waterproof poly-cotton canvas material
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting tent
  • Heat-sealed PVC floor
  • 78-in. awning for RV or aluminum poles

Having the ability to hook up an ultimate weatherproof tent to an RV is considered important to many travelers. OzTents 30 second Exhibition Tent is a great pick for more than just this reason. The tent will withstand the most crucial weather conditions, while keeping you warm and dry inside. It is not a must to hook up to an RV, this tent has large poles to build a massive awning. It is the largest awning I have seen on a canvas camping tent, its perfect to still have the opportunity to be outside when the sun is blazing or the rain is pouring. Another great feature is the scroll-able window inside. You can have it open for extra natural light, or close it to sleep in late! Real owners say that this tent surpassed their own expectation, making the Oztent Exhibition make its way on our list.


That concludes the list of the best Canvas Tents for the year-end of 2018. Simple Tenting hopes that this list will help prepare you with the best canvas tent for the 2019 season, and as a high-quality canvas tent should, we hope it keeps you prepared for years and years. Canvas tents are known to be a higher quality tent, they are thick, strong, and just overall long-lasting. People love trying a canvas tent, and sometimes they never go back.

If you already own and have a canvas tent that you think could crack the list let us know in the comments below. We love to hear from our visitors, and if you don’t want to miss out on any new articles subscribe to our page!


There is something here for everyone so good luck and happy camping!

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