What is Glamping? – Step by Step Guide

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What is Glamping?

Did you just find glamping on the internet and come to wonder, what is glamping? Starting off, there are so many people that enjoy tent camping, and plenty of people who love luxurious travel. When you mix the two together you get glamping.  Glamping is all about the way you style and cozy up your tent. It can be considered in different types, like RV glamping, cabin glamping, and even more, however the most common form of glamping is in large stylish tents and that is what we will be talking about. You will find out how to turn camping into glamping in this article. A regular tent is not considered true glamping, to “correctly” become a glamper decide on picking up a “glamping tent”. There are a few main differences between regular camping and glamping which are:

  • The tent you stay in
  • The way you eat, sleep and clean
  • Storage
  • Staying Warm or Cool | Temperature

There are even more differences and when considering them they all have a certain similarity, they all relate to the the quality of how we do things. For example, during regular camping the way we sleep is usually in a sleeping bag, or a blow up mattress. When it comes to glamping, sleeping is certainly a luxury. Firstly, it starts with the mattress, and I mean an actual bed mattress. Secondly, choose the luxury in your own personal judgement, pick and choose from a memory foam or a bamboo pad. Then choose the sheets, duvet, etc, it goes on and on. The best thing about glamping is the personal customization you have, it is up to you how luxurious you want to go. Glamping is all about creativity, get a tent and design your transportable travel pad.

The Tent

The glamping tent can vary in a few different sizes, however they are know to be extremely large. The name referred to these tents are called “bell” tents, they are shaped as a bell. Basically, the tent is an upgraded version of a tepee tent. What I mean, it is like adding an extra wall under a tepee tent, giving your “bell” tent an enormous increase in volume. It makes you feel as if you are staying in a hotel room, and that is the point of glamping. Place a large pole in the center of your tent to keep it up, and have all sides tied down to keep its bell shape.

The tent you use or stay at while glamping will be much larger than a regular tent. Customizing your own glamping stay is the best, you get to have your comfy bed, big tv, comfy flooring laid out, kitchen area, games area, and anything you want. It is perfect because the amount of available space is unbelievable. When setting up your tent it is usually being placed for a substantial amount of time, glamping tents are quite large and usually take 2+ people to set them up. Check out some glamping tents and their latest prices below :

  • Top quality 100% Cotton Canvas glamping tent,  (Link Here) – not many left
  • High Quality Glamping Tent  (Link Here)
  • SUPER LARGE Glamping Tent (Link Here)

Is It Expensive?

People may not get chances to travel luxuriously just because it can cost so much. However, glamping can be an affordable way to travel in style and still get to see the world. Hotels can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars, while glamping can easily save you plenty of money over time. Your main expense would be your tent, which is only a one time purchase. You get to bring your tent around to nice campgrounds, private land, or really where ever you want.

Glamping itself isn’t super expensive, however the difficult part is bringing your furniture and appliances around that are needed for the tent. A pickup truck or a tow trailer certainly helps when it comes to glamping. Then again, if you can find a way to get your items one place to another, go for it.

You can always start small, pick up the needs of glamping which are:

  1. Glamping Tent
  2. Bed – A portable bed is key, this is a set that includes a memory foam mattress and a bed frame. Perfect for Glamping – (Link Here)
  3. Small Furniture Items – Decide what you want to bring, easily take things from home. Examples: Small tables, chairs, dresser, etc

Pick up the essential needs of glamping and you can get started.

How To Start Glamping

Here is a list of steps on how to start glamping ASAP:

The Before Packing

  1. You need a tent, decide on how you are going to get one. Buy locally, or online.
  2. Have a bed of some sort, use your bed from home or get a portable mattress.
  3. Pack up bed supplies, sheets, blankets, duvet, duvet cover, pillows, and whatever you want included with your bed.
  4. Sort out furniture, appliances, and anything you want to bring.
  5. Have a way to transport items from starting location to the glamping destination. Truck, trailer, etc.
  6. If you don’t have a location, decide where you are going. Have a brief idea, exploring is great but setting up a big tent in the dark is a pain.

At the Destination

  1. Chose tent setup area and make sure it is clear of sticks and rocks.
  2. Setup tent
  3. Place any floor ideas. Example: Rugs, mat, carpet, runner, etc.
  4. Now it is time to place your bed, furniture, and appliances strategically.
  5. Depending on location, if you have power then use extension cords and plug in appliances. No power? Use solar power generator, check out our article for more information about a solar power generator.
  6. Finally, the tent is up and the essentials are in place, now it’s time to add the final touches. Cozy up your tent with cool lights, patterns, and whatever decor you want.

Follow these steps and you can be off glamping in no time. Enjoy staying in the outdoors, and do it it style. Get the essentials and plan your glamping trip today, trust me it will be the time of your life.

Eating and Cooking – Glamping

Wondering how you are going to cook? What you are going to eat? How to keep my food and drinks cold? Then you are in the right place, I am going to teach you the basics on how to bring your kitchen to the outdoors.

The Kitchen

Obviously you are not actually taking your kitchen on the road, but you can still cook like you did. Here are some amazing appliances that are great quality, people actually use them in there kitchen:

Oster Oven – This convectional oven is completely compact and great for portable use. It can cook pizzas, roasts, etc. Includes bake, convection bake, and broil options.  Check here for latest prices:   Large Oster Oven  |  Extra Large Oster Oven    

Secura Countertop burner – This burner is great for frying up absolutely anything, turn it on and fry away. Check here for latest prices: Countertop burner

BBQ – If you have room for your home barbecue, you can take that. This portable Coleman grill is great to bring out for glamping trips.

Check here for latest prices: Coleman BBQ Grill

Refrigerator – We actually have a portable refrigerator article, check it out for the best options: Best Portable Refrigerators for Camping

These are the appliances you can easily pickup and have everything you need cooking wise. It is your own choice if you want either all the appliances or just certain ones, feel free to pick and choose what appliances you would use. Having more ways to cook creates a larger variety of the types of food you can make.


Decorate your tent to the extreme, it is all up to you. Decor is so affordable, which is one of my favorite parts about glamping. I’ll include some small decor great for glamping below:

Hanging lights – hanging lights are a easy, but very stylish way to make your tent cozy.

Check out these hanging lights:  Plug Powered  |  Battery Powered

Tapestries – a tapestry is a fabric material that has funky but trendy designs, it can be hung on a wall or placed on furniture. They are known to be expensive on certain websites, here are some easily affordable tapestries:

Tapestry 1  |  Tapestry 2  |  Tapestry 3  |  Tapestry 4

Pillows and Blankets – Having nicely designed pillow cases and a matching duvet cover truly enhances your tents overall decor. Choose a style and base your tent decor around it.

There is a unlimited amount of creative ideas you can come up with while decorating your tent. I hope a few of my ideas helped, if you have any ideas yourself feel free to comment them in the section below.

Cooling Down the Tent

Depending on the location of where you are traveling, you might become overheated in your tent. You might think that just because you are in a tent that it is difficult to keep it cool and refreshing, that is not true. I am going to tell you how simple it is to keep your tent cool.

If you have a power source on site then this would not be a huge issue at all. Purchase yourself almost any air conditioner and your problem is solved. The amount of power you use does not necessarily matter, because you have an outlet to use. If you need help choosing the right air conditioner for your tent then take a look at this air conditioner below. It is compact and does not take up to much room, plus I have done lots of research to find what would be best for your tent:

Amana AC

-The Amana air conditioner is also a dehumidifier. It is one of the more affordable AC units I found with its quality still top notch.  It can cool a 250 square foot room, leaving no problems to cool your tent. Check here for latest price: (Link Here)

Also another solution to cooling your tent is to have a cooling fan. What’s best about cooling fans is they do not require much power consumption, which is great when using solar power energy. Cooling fans are still great to have when you have power on site, so everyone can take a look at these:

Honeywell Low Energy Cooling Fan

 – This is one of my favorites, the power consumption is only 32 Watts at its highest speeds. Great choice to have when limited power. It’s not only a fan, it is an air cooler which means water evaporates from the fan to lower the temperature. Includes low energy quite modes, great for sleeping. Check here for latest prices: (Link Here)

02 Cool Electric Portable Fan 

– this is a more affordable fan, it doesn’t include a air cooling system. Fans still help when cooling down your tent. The 02 Cool fan can be powered electrically or with 6-D batteries.  Check here for the latest price: (Link Here)

Warming Up the Tent

Similar to keeping the tent cool, just opposite temperature wise. Having power on site makes heating your tent so much easier, but there are still ways to keep it warm with portable power. Check out some of these portable heating sources perfect for glamping:

Portable Electric Fireplace

 – The Regel fireplace is a perfect heater for glamping. It has a unique design for a electric heater, it is shaped as a fireplace. It keeps your tent cozy and warm. Check here for latest price: Version 1 | Version 2

Quiet Ceramic Space Heater

 – This is perfect sized to keep your tent warm. Place it anywhere in your tent, and it will have no problems keeping it warm. Super affordable and well worth it. The heater is positively reviewed online, it will do the job. Check here for the latest price: (Link Here)


Finally, glamping is all about having fun and enjoying the amazing outdoors. It is stepping up regular camping and bringing it to an extreme level. Create your very own luxurious camp sites, it will create unforgettable memories. Get out and start glamping.

Check out our Best Solar Power Camping Gear article here.

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