Best Speakers for Camping in 2020 | Bluetooth & Waterproof

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Want some music for your next camping trip? Here is a list of the best speakers for camping to take along on your journeys. We’ve sorted through an incredibly crowded market to bring you the very best speakers designed to survive outdoor life with you.

Why Choose a Bluetooth Speaker For Camping?

Bluetooth speakers are wireless speakers communicating via Bluetooth technology. Many people are already familiar with this technology. Bluetooth is used for music players, speakers, smartwatches, and many more things.  We want to help you understand what makes a Bluetooth speaker the best for camping and outdoor life

The wireless connection is convenient no matter where you are. Camping today many of us use our phones (of course) and we can easily hook up to a Bluetooth speaker. When I camp I just lay my speaker on the camping table and I have the option to play some tunes whenever. I can sit near the fire and without jumping up I can start playing some music. Furthermore, If your speaker is waterproof you can leave it out through all types of weather! It is all about finding the right camping speaker for you.

What is Important for an Outdoor Speaker?

Normal Bluetooth speakers might not be a good choice for camping. This is because of the environment outdoors. There could be rain, snow, heat, and rough treatment. The best Bluetooth speakers for camping will have high durability. They will be designed to survive a few drops and knocks.

Finding a waterproof speaker might be something you are looking for. A Bluetooth speaker will work best for camping if it is sealed. Water should not find its way into the speaker very easily. Some speakers are even totally waterproof.

Power to recharge devices isn’t always available when you’re camping. Speakers for camping will work best when their Bluetooth technology is backed up by a large battery. Battery capacity is measured in milliamp hours (mAh). Basically, batteries with a higher number of mAh will produce power for more time.

Being outdoors requires louder speakers if you want to hear your music over a long distance. The sound from your speakers gets quieter over distance very quickly. If you just want to listen to your music quietly, then you might be better off with durable headphones.

What Makes a Good Camping Speaker?

The best choice towards a Bluetooth camping speaker is going to be a winner in all three categories we have mentioned. It is going to have high durability. It is going to produce great sound quality. It is going to have a long battery life.

Ready to Rumble

The durability of the best Bluetooth speakers is affected by several things:

  • Their building materials. Cheap materials break easily. You want something that is designed to survive a beating and still play your music.
  • Design features can increase the durability of the best Bluetooth speakers. Handles, for example, are useful because you are less likely to drop the speaker while you’re carrying it. Rubber covers for the charging ports are another example of a simple design feature that increases the durability of the speaker.

To choose the best Bluetooth speaker, try to think about how you will use it. Careful campers might spend more money on a speaker that looks nicer. Campers with children might spend their money on speakers that are built to survive Armageddon.

The Sound of Music

What do you imagine when you think of music outdoors? Choose a Bluetooth speaker that will provide the best music to fit your imagination.

If your imagination produces music that sounds like a nightclub rave, then you should choose a speaker with high power output and a big speaker cone. If the picture in your mind is more like Grieg’s Morning Mood, then you should choose a speaker that focuses on quality instead of volume.

The variables are the speaker size and the power output. Bigger speaker cones produce more frequency response. Speakers with more power produce louder sounds. Choose a speaker that suits your music choices.

Juice for Tunes

The best Bluetooth speakers in the world are totally silent without power. In order to choose the best speaker, you should think about how much time you will spend listening to music. You could also think about how you are going to recharge the batteries.

There is a connection between volume and battery life. Really big, powerful speakers also consume more electricity. If you want your speakers to play music for a long time, then maybe a less powerful speaker is better for you.

Some people camp with the ability to recharge their speakers. Maybe their campsite has power supplies for each pitch. They might recharge the devices by using their car battery. For these people, battery life is not really an issue.

Best Speakers For Camping

  1. Turtlebox: Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
  2. APIE Portable Wireless Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker
  3. Bugani Bluetooth Speakers
  4. LEDMEI A1 LED Flame Speakers
  5. Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker
  6. Tribit MaxSound Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  7. Coleman 360° Sound & Light LED Lantern
  8. The #1 Cooler with Speakers on Amazon
  9. Poweriver IPX6 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with Walkie Talkie
  10. Deco Gear True Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Set
  11. Harman Kardon Aura Studio 2 Bluetooth Speaker System
  12. Marshall Stockwell Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Turtlebox: Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


We’re into the arena of the top outdoor Bluetooth speakers in the world. Turtlebox set out to make the best speaker and they may have done it. To begin with, the battery in this unit will give you music for up to 20 hours. The Turtlebox speakers aren’t super huge so this is a great achievement.

Durability and outdoor survival are at the core of Turtlebox’s design. It is rated IP67 for water and dust proofing. This means it is sealed against dust and will survive immersion in water for up to thirty minutes without damage. Impact resistance is built into the speaker and it will survive some drops in its lifetime.

The sound quality will blow you away. This is the loudest speaker we’ve found in the Bluetooth range. It has a 50-watt driver and can crank out 120dB of sound. Live rock concerts are about the volume level.

Two of these speakers can be paired together. Imagine 100 watts of sound powering your next beach party or outdoor jam session!

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APIE Portable Wireless Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker


 APIE’s Portable Wireless Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker ticks all the right boxes. The battery holds plenty of juice. The case is totally sealed against the environment. The two speakers put out a tremendous amount of noise for the package size.

2200 mAh may not sound like much. However, the APIE doesn’t waste any power. Charge this little boombox once and enjoy up to ten hours of your favorite tunes. Hang out on Friday night, party on Saturday night and chill on Sunday morning. You’ll have the best songs from your device with you all the time.

Water, sand, and dirt won’t stop the jams. APIE’s Bluetooth speaker is built to IPX6 standards. The case has been rubberized. The controls are all sealed. The charging port and small cable slot are protected by a convenient door. Durability is well covered by these features.

As far as sound goes, two 10 Watt speakers pump out enough sound to fill your camping space. The size of these speakers is enough to add decent bass to your weekend. They aren’t quite the thing for music purists. However, they will satisfy those who want an outdoor listening experience.

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Bugani Bluetooth Speakers


 What a beast! The Bugani Bluetooth Speakers will bring the volume to your next beach party or camping soiree. This is a massive bit of kit with big sound and a huge battery.

We’ve evaluated these speakers according to their battery power, durability and sound quality. The Bugani speakers have a huge battery capacity of 8000 mAh. You can crank out your dance mixes for nearly forty hours. If that’s not enough, these speakers can charge your phone, too.

Make no mistake, this is a portable bluetooth boom box. While it is constructed with IPX5 waterproofing standards, the size may make this unit more susceptible to some knocks along the way. The case is big and robust, though.

Bugani’s unit is all about power. The boom box has two subwoofers and two tweeters to push out 40 Watts of power. If that’s not enough, you can pair two Bugani bluetooth speakers together for 80W of sound. Even on a noisy beach or a busy campsite, your tunes will be heard loud and clear.

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LEDMEI A1 LED Flame Speakers


 Camping is about the outdoors experience. For some people, noisy speakers ruin the effect of being in the tranquil beauty of nature. Some of these people still want music, though. Enter the LEDMEI A1 LED Flame Speakers.

Powered by a 3600 mAh battery, this pretty little unit will play music and provide light for nearly sixteen hours. You can enjoy reading your favorite book with the light while relaxing tunes play in the background.

If you want a Bluetooth speaker that provides real ambiance and a cool feel to your space, this is a great choice. It’s not as durable as some others but it is rated IP65 for waterproofing. This just means it’ll survive a rain shower but not a swimming trip. However, this beautiful unit can be mounted on a pole and used as a musical tiki torch.

The sound is driven by a 5-watt speaker. This has a rear-mounted bass driver and produces a clear sound for its size. It’s not a beast like the Bugani but it is a cute addition to your campsite. You can also pair two speakers together. Imagine two of these mounted next to your picnic table at night. You and your special friend could enjoy a meal by torch light while listening to some gorgeous music.

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Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker


Bose is synonymous with sound quality. Bose speakers connecting with Bluetooth are like a dream come true. You can have some of the best sounding speakers with you on your next hike or camp. Bose has packed a great battery in a tiny unit. The Bose Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speaker is small enough to easily fit in your hand – it’s a little smaller than a CD. Yet you can listen to six hours of music on one charge.

While the sound is great, the durability is spectacular. Because Bose produces such high-quality products, you might be afraid to take them outdoors. This little package is made to go with you. An IPX7 waterproofing rating means you can even listen to this speaker underwater. We don’t recommend it!

One super cool feature is the strap. It’s silicone and is made to fit onto bike handlebars, backpack straps or even your belt loop. There are three different speaker colors so you get a little chance to express your fashion choices along with your music library.

Did we mention Bose is known for its sound quality? The Micro Bluetooth Speaker is built with Bose’s proprietary bass technology. The passive radiators and custom-mounted transducers kick out a crisp, balanced sound you’ll really enjoy. Two of these speakers can be paired together to create a stereo effect.

Another cool addition is the ability to control Siri, Google and the Echo Dot. You can use your speaker as a voice controller for your phone. This will really come in handy if your phone isn’t as weatherproof as your new speaker!

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Tribit MaxSound Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker


 Separating Bluetooth speakers becomes difficult. Many of them look alike and are priced about the same. Tribit’s Bluetooth speaker fits into the middle of the pack with its price. However, its sound quality, durability and battery life help it stand out.

If you’re going away for a weekend and won’t have access to a charger, this is a great Bluetooth speaker for you. The battery is big enough to provide up to 20 hours of playback. You can listen on the go all weekend without worrying about running out of juice.

One of the factors providing extra durability to speakers is their shape. The Tribit Bluetooth speaker is a really good shape for travel. Its rounded ends will shrug off minor dings and drops. It is also built to IPX7 waterproofing standards. It can be immersed in water without any fear of damage. A sturdy strap adds to its rugged build quality.

The sound of the speaker is enhanced by its proprietary bass boosting technology. You can switch off the bass boost for a cleaner sound. When the beat drops, you can kick up the base at the press of a button.

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Coleman 360° Sound & Light LED Lantern


Coleman makes really brilliant camping gear. Coleman’s camping speaker with a lantern is an amazing example of combining functions in a single device.

The battery provides power for two different functions. First, the battery drives the speakers. You can listen to your tunes outdoors for about 20 hours on a single charge. Second, the battery powers the lights. On the dim setting, you can use this letter and for up to 40 hours on a full charge. With the two functions together, you’ll have less battery life.

The Coleman 360° sound and light LED Lantern is a great choice for its usefulness at your or just calling them back when the food is ready. It’s not a hiking lantern. It’s not a party speaker. It is excellent at lighting up a big space with up to 400 lumens of light and providing wireless music at the same time. It has an IPX4 waterproofing rating so it will survive the occasional rain shower.

The sound quality offered by this speaker is middle-of-the-road. It’s not as good as the dedicated speakers but it’s better than a tiny pocket unit. Overall, the sound quality is adequate for most people. This would be a great replacement for the fisherman who is tired of having to buy the cell batteries. It would give them sound like a portable radio and light like a lantern without the fuss of any batteries.

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The #1 Cooler with Speakers on Amazon


 The Rager Cooler is a fantastic new product on the market. Like the Coleman lantern, this unit brings together two functions in one package. This is a cooler with a speaker attached. If you have a hunter, fisherman or other outdoors-loving people in your life, this is a brilliant present.

The battery built into this Bluetooth speaker will provide tunes for up to 8 hours. There are multiple connection options. A standard USB cable will charge the battery and the battery can be used to charge your phone or tablet. There are also ports for a microphone and an AUX cable.

Outdoor gear is often made rugged and designed to look as if it belongs in the woods. This Bluetooth speaker fits that description perfectly. The cooler and speaker come with a camouflage cover. Chunky zippers keep everything in place. The cover provides some waterproofing.

Many people would not expect great sound quality from a cooler. This combination unit delivers great sound. There are two full range speakers as well as an 8-watt subwoofer. These speakers work together to produce clear sound and thumping bass.

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Poweriver IPX6 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with Walkie Talkie


 Another great combination of functions is this Bluetooth speaker and walkie-talkie. Living in a time when people think of such convenient things is amazing.

This speaker comes with a 2000 mA hour battery. The battery provides about eight hours of intercom and music use.

The key feature of this device is the walkie-talkie. If you buy two of these, then you can speak to your friends or your kids even if they’re nearly 3000 feet away. This is a great piece of kit for keeping your kids safe at the campsite or just calling them back when the food is ready.

The speaker is designed with an IPX7 waterproofing rating. It will survive a rainstorm and can even be put under water for a short period of time. A useful strap for attaching a carabiner is built into the design. It also features an antenna that rolls up to keep itself out of the way.

Music sound quality is not the top priority for this combination unit. However, Poweriver uses their core noise reduction technology to create clean audio environment. This helps produce solid music quality as well as speech that is easily understandable.

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Deco Gear True Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Set


Deco Gear has produced a neat little speaker using Bluetooth communications and innovative design. The Deco Gear True super-durable speaker can go almost anywhere with you.

Battery life is not a big selling point for this unit. However, for the right person, these speakers are going to be a great gift. The speakers work in a pair and each speaker comes with an 800 mA hour battery. These batteries provide about two hours of playtime for music.

The innovative design features two things. First, each pair of speakers comes with a rubberized case. When they are assembled together in the case, the whole unit becomes totally waterproof and super tough. Second, the base of each speaker is magnetic. The speakers would be a great addition to someone’s boat. They could clamp on any metal surface to provide sound outdoors.

The sound quality is nice. Each speaker uses a 5-watt driver. Together, they put out sufficient volume to fill up a medium-sized space.

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Harman Kardon Aura Studio 2 Bluetooth Speaker System


Harman/Kardon has engineered a brilliant Bluetooth speaker for creating a great wireless listening experience. Cool lighting adds ambiance to the music while the unique social mode lets your friends share the joy of being in control of the next track. The Harmon Kardon Aura Studio 2 is a perfect speaker system for camping.

Some people camp and get outdoors in luxury and take power sources with them. The Harman/Kardon speaker is made for those people. It does not have a battery so it needs to be plugged into a power source. However, for those people who travel in a camper van, boat or to campsites with electric hook-ups, this is a fantastic speaker.

Durability is not on the top of HK’s priority list. As far as outdoor speakers go, this isn’t a very portable unit. Again, in the right circumstances, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. For example, a beautiful RV needs beautiful sound and has the power to serve one of these. A stunning motor yacht can do better than a cheap Bluetooth speaker. Luxury outdoor travelers will love this speaker.

The HK delivers some of the highest quality music on the market for Bluetooth speakers. There are six 1.5” tweeters as well as a 4.5” subwoofer. Altogether, these orchestrate beautiful music in a wireless package. For sound fidelity, an audio cable can be used. Two Aura 2 speakers can be paired to produce even more volume and a true stereo effect.

The social mode is an elegant feature. Up to three people can connect to one speaker. Doing so lets each person choose the next song or add music to the playlist.

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Marshall Stockwell Portable Bluetooth Speaker


 If you’ve ever watched live music, then you’ve probably seen a Marshall amp on a stage somewhere. Marshall is one of the world’s leading amplifier brands. Their portable Stockwell Bluetooth speaker is a great addition to their already-amazing lineup.

The battery built into the Stockwell provides up to 25 hours of playback time. This will last a whole weekend. For musicians, this is enough for seven or eight three-hour practice sessions.

The case makes the Stockwell much more durable. This isn’t a speaker designed for the hiking trail. Rather, this is a speaker designed for musicians to enjoy their tunes with the cool Marshall vibe. The flip case doubles as a stand. It will protect the speaker from a few knocks and the random drop of rain.

Sound quality is the big selling point here. The Marshall speaker comes with three beautifully milled, retractable knobs. These knobs give the user total control over the level of bass, treble and volume being produced. The dual 2.25” woofers provide 10 watts of crystal clear sound.

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Review Of Our Top Pick

The Turtlebox has too much to love to put any other speaker at the top of the list. Its sound quality and volume are above nearly every other speaker on this list. The build quality and durability are superb. Its long battery life is near the top of the range for portable speakers. Being able to pair two together makes the Turtlebox twice as nice. For the complete package, buy two of these and enjoy your music anywhere you want.

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