10 of The Best Hammock Tents for Camping in 2022

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Have you ever wanted to sleep on air? Have you had trouble finding a nice, flat spot for your tent? Do you envy those super cool people posting selfies on Instagram swinging in a hammock while drinking a trendy drink with a beautiful, blue lake and a striking, epic mountain in the background?

Maybe that’s just me! If you’ve ever wanted to get off the ground, though, this is the post for you. You can see a list of the ten best hammocks for your next fabulous trip into the country or party in the campsite.

HammockOur RatingReviewSee Price

ENO SingleNest
9.0/10Jump To ReviewClick For Price

Wise Owl Outfitters Single Owl Plus
7.5/10Jump To ReviewClick For Price

Grand Trunk Skeeter Beater Pro
8.5/10Jump To ReviewClick For Price

Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe XL Series
8.9/10Jump To ReviewClick For Price

DD Frontline
7.9/10Jump To ReviewClick For Price

ENO OneLink JungleNest Sleep System
9.5/10Jump To ReviewClick For Price

Outdoor Vitals Ultralight
8.5/10Jump To ReviewClick For Price

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock
9.0/10Jump To ReviewClick For Price

Tentsile Flight+ Tree Tent
9.5/10Jump To ReviewClick For Price

Gold Armour XL Double Camping Hammock
7.0/10Jump To ReviewClick For Price


Before you read the list, there are a few things about hammocks you can appreciate to get the best fit for you.

  • There are roughly two kinds of hammocks: symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetrical hammocks are a little more casual and usually cheaper. Asymmetrical hammocks are made with a slight ‘diamond’ shape. This makes lying flat – the ultimate hammock sleeping goal – easier to accomplish.
  • Hammocks need roofs so you don’t get wet. Some models come with a tarp as a package. Other companies expect you to buy your own accessories. Plan for this when you make your budget.
  • Unless you like a cold butt, you should consider how to insulate the bottom of your hammock. Here you have a few options. The most common, and cheapest, is to use a sleeping pad underneath your sleeping bag. Some hammocks have a built-in pocket for your mat. The second most common option is to buy an underquilt. These attach to the hammock and hang below you. They are warmer than sleeping mats but are also bulkier and more expensive.
  • Trees or posts are required for hanging your hammock. Not all hammock manufacturers sell the rope or straps you need to attach your hammock to its vertical friends. Look out for how your hammock will be attached. Plan for extra straps or rope if you fall in love with a hammock that doesn’t come with them.
  • Rain can spoil everyone’s night out. While a tarp will keep the rain off your head, water has a sneaky way into hammocks. Without some planning, water will run down the tree trunks, follow your suspension system and flood the bottom of your hammock. You can sort this out really easily with a pair of drip rings, carabiners or even by tying your dirty socks around the rope and letting the toes hang down.

There is loads more I could say about hammock accessories but let’s get to the list!

Best Hammock Tents for Camping

1. ENO SingleNest

Eagles Nest Outfitters is one of the best-known hammock brands on the market. This is their single person hammock. It’s a perfect entry-level hammock at a great price. The SingleNest is a symmetrical hammock. Its design will keep you from falling out and provide a great night’s sleep under the stars. The material is 70D High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta. You could cram up to 400 lbs of people and gear into this nest. There is a multitude of colors you can choose from. If you want a hammock that will get you started, then this one is brilliant!

Note: Straps are not included so you should pick up some ENO straps or plan your own suspension system. The straps can be complicated or you could just use some rope.

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2. Wise Owl Outfitters Single Owl Plus

Hammocks are available to suit all budgets. The Wise Owl Outfitters Single Owl Plus is made for those who want to get outdoors and still have money left in the bank at home. One of the best things about this setup is it comes with everything you need. The straps are included, and they should be all you need. Setup should be fast with tree straps, adjustable loops and carabiners. The total weight is about 1 lb and this little bed in the sky packs down to about the size of a grapefruit. This is another symmetrical sky bed. The build quality and design are superb for the price. The strap design is brilliant for its simplicity and ease of use. If you’re on a tight budget, then check out the Single Owl Plus.

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3. Grand Trunk Skeeter Beater Pro

Mosquitos have disturbed many camping trips. Here’s a hammock made for those who like to keep the bugs out in the wild. The Grand Trunk Skeeter Beater Pro comes with a built-in bug net. The net is suspended above your bed by a rope so you can create some serious head room. A side zipper makes entry super easy. The whole package is included so you won’t need to buy something else in order to get out in the trees. It’s a little heavier than some at 26 oz. but it is huge! Your partner could share the space with you because this floating lounge is ten feet long. Check out this bug-free sleeping palace for your next trip into the woods.

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4. Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe XL Series

Hennessy Hammock’s is another of the best brands on the market. They make some serious hammocks! The Explorer Deluxe XL Series is a great step up from the cheapest hammocks on the market. These are asymmetrical hammocks made for a great night’s sleep. To set it up, you use the included webbing and ropes to attach it your chosen trees. Then you peg out the sides to bring it into its asymmetrical shape. The integrated rain fly and bug net round out the package and just about guarantee a cozy, dozy night in the woods. There are two options for entry into the hammock: bottom and side zipper. The side zipper is probably easier for most people. This is the some of the best gear on the market for those who have just decided to embrace the hammock lifestyle.

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5. DD Frontline

DD Hammocks make brilliant hammocks and tarps! The Frontline series is a very affordable entry in the market. This model also comes with an integrated bug net. The bug net zips on both sides so entry into the hammock is a breeze. If you’re somewhere without mosquitos and pests, just flip it over and you won’t have the bug net blocking your view of the beach. Its unique design uses two bars to lift the net up and keep it out of your face when you lie down. There are two fabric layers so you can sleep between the layers like a cocoon or you could slide a mat into the space between the layers for insulation. DD Hammocks are known for great build quality. While this hammock doesn’t come with a tarp, DD sells a brilliant 10’ x 10’ tarp that will keep you dry in the wettest weather. Have a look at this great option to sleep between the trees.

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Have you ever started unpacking your gear at the campsite only to get that horrible sinking feeling when you realized something important was still at home? Forgetful types will love this ENO package. The OneLink system comes as a package with a single stuff sack. You get a hammock, bug net, tarp, suspension system, and stakes all together in one, tidy package. The total weight is a little higher at 4.4 lbs but you get a lot for what you have to carry. 70D Nylon fabrics are used for great strength to weight ratio. Triple-stitched seams add extra strength and security to the build quality. The Atlas suspension straps are top quality and will hold you up with no trouble. If you’re ready for a sleeping system that will last for years, try this one.

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7. Outdoor Vitals Ultralight

Packing light is essential for long hikes into the backcountry. This Outdoor Vitals ultralight hammock fits into your pack and you won’t even know it’s there. Everything about this system has been designed to save weight. Packed together, the bed, straps and suspension system weigh less than 1lb. The straps are made from Dyneema so they are super light but also super strong. Aluminum carabiners are used for their low weight. Whoopie Sling suspension systems are an absolutely brilliant way to hang your hammock. They are easy to set up, simple to adjust and are incredibly light. Another great reason to look this way is the lifetime guarantee on offer. This is a hammock you can use for a long, long time!

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8. Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock and Tent

If you’re just venturing out of the world of tents and into the world of sleeping on air, then this is a good fit for you. The Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge is a combination of tent and hammock. It has two great features for adding comfort to your trip. The first is a set of hoop poles that lift and spread the bug net and rain fly. These hoops at either end of the hammock make it feel a little more like a single person tunnel tent. The second feature is a pair of spreader bars. These spread out the tension from the suspension. It looks more like one of those net hammocks everyone has seen in their neighbor’s back yard. The effect is a more ‘bed-like’ place for you to sleep. Carrying this whole package is a little more work than you get with an ultralight but the increased comfort just might make it worthwhile. Have a look at this setup to get you started with sleeping in a hammock.

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9. Tentsile Flight+ Tree Tent

Okay, okay, you got me. This isn’t really a hammock. It’s a tree tent. However, it does attach to trees and get you off the ground at night. That’s close enough, right? This Tentsile Flight tree tent is set up by attaching three webbing straps to trees using a standard ratchet system. There is a huge amount of floor space – 40 square feet. The rain fly will keep out the bad weather and can be removed for stargazing on a clear night. The Tentsile Flight+ is made for the coolest kids – big and small – in the woods. Once it’s in place, it looks like a starship flitting about in the trees. If you camp with other people or need a fantastic pic for your feed, this is sure to be a conversation starter! One really cool fact is Tentsile plants 18 trees for each of the tents and hammocks they sell.

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10. Gold Armour XL Double Camping Hammock

You can camp and sleep in a hammock with a partner. Get out in the woods for a bit of romance. Or take your son or daughter out for a brilliant night under the stars. The Gold Armour XL Double is made for two people. It’s ten feet long, six and a half feet wide and can hold up to 500 lbs. Blue, black, red, green, pink, purple and SeaFoam are just a few of the colors available. These aren’t necessarily colors for the camping purists but they are striking and make a memorable campsite. The suspension system is made up of webbing and carabiners and is included with the hammock. A brilliant low price means you can save money for an extra bottle of camp wine! This hammock should help you get set up and cuddling in no time.

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There you have it. Ten great options for getting off the ground for your next night in the woods. Have a question? Just send us a message or leave a comment. If there is an option you think should be on the list, let us know!

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