What Is The Biggest Camping Tent In The World? 6 Tents

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You are probably looking for the biggest camping tent in the world because of one of the following:

  1. You have a huge family and you want to have enough space for everyone.
  2. Maybe you just want a large tent! Extra space for all your gear.
  3. Group camping.
  4. Maybe you don’t actually want a tent but you wanted to see the “biggest camping tent in the world”.

For whatever reason, you are here and that is great! This article is here to provide tent campers with the knowledge they deserve. I know that finding the right camping tent is a difficult task, there are many things that need to be considered. Why you ask? Simply because a tent is not an item you can just walk in a store and buy. That is an option, however, many stores only hold limited selections and they might not be the perfect match for you. A tent can be a high priced item, up to hundreds of dollars, and you want something that can stick around for years. Let’s just go over a few important things that I considered for the chosen tents:


Quality  The quality of a camping tent should be your number one priority. It is the determining factor for how long your tent will last through normal wear and tear. You do not want to keep buying a tent every single year… That would be hundreds and even thousands of dollars wasted over time. There are many different types of tents and they are made with different materials, shaped differently, and weighted differently. Canvas is a very durable material for camping, you could have a canvas tent for a lifetime! Lots of the time you see polyester and nylon, it is because of its ability to be lightweight, waterproof, and its production cost is minimal. There are different grades of these materials making them thicker and stronger. The poles are also important when looking at quality. If they are thin and cheap feeling then they are worthless, find something that feels stronger and go from there. Read our article about “Aluminum vs Fiberglass Tent Poles” to see the difference.

Price – The price is important to most buyers. People usually think the higher the price the better the product, although that is not always the case. In our list the prices are only viewed as if they are worth it for that tent. Whatever the tent is priced at than it is going to be worth it at that price.

Size – Obviously in this article we are looking for large, spacious, tall, wide, camping tents. I will do the best possible job, through online research, to find the largest tents on the market to fulfill your needs.

Biggest Camping Tents


1.  Ozark Trail 20-Person Cabin Tent

 The Ozark Trail 20-Person Tent is a massive tent which we can say is one of the biggest tents in the world. The tent is shaped like a big Y and has a door on each corner. This helps with entry and exiting so you don’t have to crawl across 15 people and their gear. The tent has plenty of space for around 12-18 people. 20 people would be a pretty tight squeeze and would leave no room for everyone’s gear. The tent can hold 6 queen airbeds making it an option for multiple groups of people or a super large family. The rooms have dividers making privacy an available option like most of the large tents available.

The tent is considered a “Weather Resistant” tent, meaning it is strong against wind and water. Large tents are usually hit stronger by wind, mainly because of their large/tall stance, which captures the wind easiest. Although, this tents unique Y shape creates a more aerodynamic flow causing the wind to be less of an issue. Of course it is no small backpacking tent, but for a large tent it will hold up in some strong winds. The tents corners almost create a Geodesic Tent style, pointing outward to gain a stronger structural base. Learn what a geodesic tent is in our article by clicking the link, also see 16 geodesic tents. The rain-fly overhangs the tents roof, it is tightly secured making it hard for any water to get up and inside. The tent does not have any base protection but it still holds up strong against water.

The dimensions of this tent are  25.00 x 21.50 x 6.92 Feet, which is a long tent, but still plenty of space wide across. The standing height is just under 6 foot 6 inches, making it a tall enough option for many tent campers. You will not find many tents at this price with the amount of space it provides, it is almost unbelievable. What is also great is the option to go a bit smaller and camp in the Ozark Trail 16-Person Water Resistant Cabin Tent, which is the same shape, but just a tiny bit smaller.

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4/512-18 PersonsLow

2. White Duck Outdoors Complete Canvas Wall Tent

When looking at the White Duck Canvas Wall Tent we see a massive canvas camping tent. Canvas tents are thick, and very durable when it comes to quality. This tent uses “army duck canvas” which is a more versatile canvas, perfect for camping. These tents are known to last years, obviously that is depending on the type of use it is put through. This White Duck tent provides you with a number of options to fulfill your needs as a camper. The sizes vary, see options:

  • 10′ x 12′
  • 12′ x 14′
  • 14′ x 16′

Each and every size option lets you choose if you want just “Water Repellent” or for an extra cost have the tent “Fire Water Repellent”. Why would you want a fire repellent tent? Canvas tents are very popular tents to insert wood burning stoves on the inside, which is great to use all year round. This tent has a 5″ stove flap, so you wouldn’t have to cut one yourself. Also, the features included are top quality so it is priced higher for a reason, you get military graded zippers, 3-layered storm protection, No-See-Um mesh doors (bug protection), and many more I could keep listing.

It is important to keep in mind that Canvas Tents are more expensive, but it is because of the costly materials that are known to last longer. I would definitely consider canvas if it is a style camping you are interested in, but that decision is up to you! The tent has a capacity listed up to 12 people, but this number changes with the size tent chosen. I would say 6-10 people can sleep in these comfortably, all depending on what other gear is in the tent. Its simple, more gear means fewer people.

A larger version of this tent was created making it a must add to this list! It is 16′ x 20′ in dimensions, which makes it larger than before. It is considered the “bigger and better” White Duck Outdoors Complete Canvas Wall Tent. The size of this tent is huge, it’s extremely spacious and it can be set up to look like a small cabin.

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5/56-14 PersonsHigh

3. Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent

In my opinion, I think that the Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent is the best choice for a large family. When camping with a big family you are up against a million things. This pick allows you to relax knowing that if anything happens you aren’t out a couple thousand dollars. The price is great, it leaves room to be messy and what not. It is a standard car camping tent, except for it unnatural size of course. This 14-person cabin tent is shaped like a plus sign (+), which actually makes for an easy room diving option. Plus, every corner gets its own door, making entering and exiting a breeze. When looking at tents usually the person rating isn’t spot on, however, this tent can fit 14 people for sure. Like always, when camping with gear the “person” size can always change!

It measures approximately 20.00′ x 20.00′ x 6.50′, which is plenty of space for everyone. The material used for this tent is polyester and polyethylene, which is standard. The poles are fiberglass with steel, making them flexible against wind. Although be careful if there is ever a break in fiberglass as it can be very sharp and dangerous.

As for the overall quality of this tent, it isn’t the best you can get. For the price it is a perfect option, it provides a large group of people an area to pack up for the night. The materials used are standard for car camping, it isn’t made for winter adventures or anything. The tent is a 2-3 season tent so keep clear from heavy storms. This tent can last years if taken care of properly.

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3.5/510-14 PersonsLow

4. Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season 14 Person Large Family Cabin Tent

The Tahoe Gear Carson 14 Person Cabin Tent is another great option for a large quantity of people. This tent is huge! What differentiates this tent from others is the large vestibule/screened-room area attached to the front of the tent. This is a great bug-free zone to sit with friends or family and just chat, or even a place to read a book, totally up to you! The tent is shaped in almost a straight line, however, it slightly bends. The design helps form a more private area in the vestibule, making it perfect in certain camp locations. Furthermore, if you are looking for privacy then this tent is a good pick. There are 3 supersized rooms, each that have a divider where you can zip the door closed. What makes it even better is every room has its own front door to enter and exit the tent, I like to think that this is basically 3 tents into one.

With the 3 large room options, camping with a large family is easy, but I think it is ideal for couples looking to share one spot. With 3 different couples each can take a room and have all the space they need. Plenty of room for gear, a mattress, and whatever you please.

The tent stands tall with a 7-foot center and wall height, making it easy to be mobile inside. The tent dimensions are 17.5 x 25 x 7.8 feet, which is an extremely large camping tent. With a rating at 14 persons, I wouldn’t say this tent is far off. I would say that it could fit 10-14 people with a tighter squeeze, making the decision up to the users. Remember that size is not easy to calculate, people are all different shapes and sizes, along with how you choose to sleep (Pad VS Air Mattresses).

With real users living in this tent for days, and even weeks at a time, they remained dry. The tents rain-fly is designed perfectly for this tent. It stretches well over the front of the tent because of its vestibule, but it also hangs over the sides too. One thing that was added to its weather proof design is the dripping flap on the base of the tent. This waterproof material takes any flowing water from the fly and directs it away from the tents base. When this tent was being made they wanted to keep their users dry. The material used is polyester, keeping it lightweight and water proofed as well.

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3.7/510-14 PersonsMedium-Low

5. Elk Mountain Canvas Wall Tent & Angle Kit


What is interesting about the Elk Mountain Canvas Wall Tent is the options it provides you as a tent camper. It may be a longer duration to setup for your camping adventures, but don’t forget what can be done with this canvas tent. You can take this tent out for a summer trip and set it up for however long you please. You can also do the same in the middle of the winter because this tent is durable and ready for all 4 seasons. The tent can have a wood burning stove because of its stove jack included, making cold nights cozy and comfortable. If I was to buy this tent myself, as a tent lover, I would turn it into a beautiful summer glamping paradise and in the winter a cozy lumberjack cabin. With the options I know I would have some fun.

Elk Mountain provides you with the option of buying a:

These tents are the same thing, one is 16 feet long and the other is 20 feet. The extra 4 feet may or may not be something of your interest, remember a large tent is to serve a purpose. If you are looking for an ultimate tent size obviously the larger one is for you. Either way there is plenty of space up to 12-16 people if you are wanting to place a group inside. Or have a large queen or king bed for you luxury experiences, you choose!

Canvas really changes the overall quality of the tent, canvas is durable and longer lasting. However, it raises the prices significantly but for a massive canvas tent the Elk Mountain Canvas Wall tent is reasonably priced. With the available options and variety of camping types you are offered I would recommend this tent.

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6. Tahoe Gear Ozark 3-Season 16 Person Large Family Cabin Tent

The Tahoe Gear Ozark 16 Person Tent is another large tent on the market. It measures in at 16.4′ (L) x 15.42′ (W) x 7.23′ (H). I consider this tent to be a great “large” tent for its price. It claims to hold up to 16 people, but as a tent camper we know that might not hold up truthfully. The total capacity of 16 means the tent can place 16 people lined up in a certain way. Usually I would subtract a few off the capacity rating for gear room and other items. This is for comfort reasons so your group doesn’t have to get too close to one another. My recommended capacity for this tent would be 10-12 people because it does not seem spacious enough for 16. What’s great is the 7 foot center so most people will be able to stand tall inside the tent.
When looking at the quality of the Tahoe Gear Ozark tent I wouldn’t say it is the strongest tent, but I wouldn’t say its the weakest either. It is constructed of shock-corded polls that hold up against stronger winds and heavy rain falls, but we wouldn’t trust this tent in any snow falls as it it named a 3-season tent. These poles are easy to assemble because of their pin-and-ring system. The tent material is polyester and has a polyethylene floor, while the rain-fly is made with 1200mm polyester. Rain won’t make it through but just don’t rip the material as it isn’t super durable like cotton canvas.


The biggest camping tents in the world are hard to find.  I hope this list helps you find a super large camping tent that you’re in need of. I wanted to offer a choice, an option for you to choose an affordable camping tent, or something of higher quality. The decision is yours to make, I just hope I could have helped make it. If there are anymore large tents that you think should have made this list then let me know, I will gladly add them to my article. Comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to our website!

Thanks for reading with us at SimpleTenting.com

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