Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent Review – 2018

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Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 person Tent reviews: I have been using the Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 person tent for over a year now. It is easily one of my favorite tents that I have used while in the campground. I have brought this tent off grid a few times, however when I say off grid I mean driving my truck as far in the wilderness as it can. It would not be the best tent to strap on your backpack and take into the wild. Just for the reason the tent is fairly large, giving it the “cabin” name.

Quick Specs

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Tent TypeCabin Tent – Campground
Number of Poles7+ (Closet)
Height6 ft 8 in
Dimensions13 x 34.5 x 11.5 in

Why this tent?

Why did I choose the Cabin Tenaya Lake tent? There are multiple reasons I ended up choosing this tent, basically I was looking for good quality. Sometimes when looking at tents prices they can cost over 400-500 US dollars for good quality. Some people might not mind spending that kind of money, although why not spend less for something just as good? I searched endlessly online looking at different tents, the Tenaya Lake cabin tent caught my eye because it was rated so good and only cost just over $200. It had well over 350 individual top rated reviews, which means the tent must be pretty good, wouldn’t you think?

So after I purchased my tent, I tested it out in a campground near my hometown. I could not believe the amount of room inside the tent. I enjoy camping with my girlfriend, so it is just the two of us. We have enough room for our queen size inflatable mattress, cooler, table, couple chairs and our travel bags while still having extra space inside. It is like you are actually camping in a small cabin, which is pretty neat.



– 13 x 9 feet base length

– 2 x 2 foot closet, popping out of rear

– 6 foot 8 inches center of tent height

Looking at the dimensions it is easy to see that this tent is large. Plenty of room to stand and move around. It is rated an 8-person tent, meaning it is very spacious for a couple, or a few friends. The tent can easily be packed up and brought out for a hunting trip for a group of people.

Is the tent weather proof?

The most asked question that I found researching online about this tent was, does it come with the rain fly and how well does it work? Yes it does come with the rain fly, and the rain fly has worked perfect for me.

One camping trip I went on in the summer of 2017 had a torrential rain fall. While adding some pretty high winds around 30 mph and even higher gusts. The Coleman cabin tent stayed strong and kept us completely dry inside. The amount of water splashing hard into the tent was blowing my mind, but how the water could not make it inside was even more fascinating.

There are many zippered windows on the tent, the zippers are cuffed leaving no way for water to enter, and the bottom of the window is completely sealed. The tent is made with polyester fabric which is a completely water proof material.

Sleeping Room?

Wondering how much sleeping room the tent actually holds? From checking out some sizes of air mattresses, different brands different sizes, I came to calculate that if using the entire tent for sleeping arrangements you can fit 2 queen mattresses, and squeeze 2-3 single beds in. Obviously it would be a squeeze, but it is an option. I would recommend having 5 people at most, any more in this tent wouldn’t be comfortable. It would be great for 2 couples,or 2 friends since there is a drop-able room divider in the middle. This can create a 2 room atmosphere, enough for 2 queen beds and still some left over space.

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Tent Setup

Just because this tent is big, does not mean it takes a long time to setup. The tent is actually part of Coleman’s “fast pitch” tent group. This means it is made to be put up in minutes. The tent kit includes color coated poles and snag free instant clips, it is a much easier setup than any regular tent. After I set up this tent multiple times I feel I am quicker and quicker every other time.


The Coleman cabin tent is a tent that can be used by a beginner or a pro. There is not a person who I would not recommend this tent for, I have used it plenty of times camping so far and the outcome is always perfect. It has taken care of me through storms, heavy rain, and nice calm soundless nights. Having a large cabin tent is a great way to go camping with family, friends and even by yourself.

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