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Solar Power Camping

When it comes to camping, having portable power can be very helpful. With new technologies, we can turn the suns energy into electricity.  Tent camping is evolving and I am here to show you the best solar power camping gear. Reading reviews online, and testing the products myself I have chosen the best solar power gear to have while camping. It is great to use the suns energy for many things, here are some great products you should consider having for your next camping trip:

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Portable Solar Chargers

Power Bank

Having a solar charger is perfect to have camping. This charger pack by KENRUIPU is one of the top rated portable solar chargers. It has hundreds of great reviews and almost every one is top rated. It has a durable design, being able to handle drops and rough travel. This pack has a 24000mAh, which means it has a lot of energy storage. So this pack can keep your gadgets charging for a long time.

What is neat about this pack is that it is solar charged, or can be charged by a normal micro USB charger. You can have this block charged before you leave home, and have it sun charging throughout the day camping. This charging block has 3 USB ports, letting you charge up to 3 different items at once. Great for charging your phone, tablet, and so much more.

When you double click the power button there is an LED light that will turn on and off. Having the light installed on the block makes the block even a better product. It is perfect for emergencies if you ever need your phone charged or you are needing some extra light. This is a perfect solar power camping gear accessory. Want more information check in the link below:

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Solar PowerPort – Best Bang for Your Buck

This 21W Solar Power-Port is rated very high on Amazon while having over 1100 reviews. Many people love this Solar Power-Port charger, it is completely solar charged which is perfect for tent camping. It has high-speed charging at 2.4 amps per port, it is built for top performance. This solar energy conductor is known for its “ultra-thin lightweight design” meaning no unnecessary weight. It has a strong polyester canvas holding layered solar panels keeping this charger completely weather resistant and durable for the outdoors. The dimensions of the Power-Port is 11.1 × 6.3in folded or 26.4 × 11.1in opened. The surface area is larger when opened because the more solar panel area the faster the charge.

It is perfect for charging phones, tablets, cameras and anything like that. What is great about this charger is you can use it to charge other charging blocks. For example, the Solar Power Bank (KENRUIPU) mentioned above has a micro USB charger, plug the charger from this Power-Port into the Power Bank. This will cause the Power Bank to charge quicker and you can use the Power Bank as a phone charger etc, while the Power-Port is still charging in the sun. Giving you lots of extra charging energy.

This Solar Charging Power-Port is a perfect solar power camping gear accessory to have. Get more information by following the link below:

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Solar Battery Pack – Most Affordable

The Solar Battery Pack by GerDaRi is a great piece of equipment for camping. It has everything a power block needs, while still being able to have a strong and durable design. Why is this pack so great compared to others?

  • Firstly, one of the BEST PRICES for solar camping gear.  Only half the cost of other solar banks.
  • Secondly, it has a LED flashlight installed for emergencies.
  • Thirdly, easily charges by connecting to your back while hiking.

There is still much more to add to this affordable solar battery pack, the pack has an 8000 mAh providing its users with great charging power for most any USB device. Charge your phone, GoPro, Smart Watches, you name it and charge it. Not as strong as the other Power Banks above, but it is much more affordable while still charging your devices easily.

The LED display is cool, it shows the battery life and Input/Output activity. This is a unique feature, as I never saw any power bank have something like it before. Basically, for the price of this solar battery pack, you can’t regret it. It has so much that’s available for its users. If you buy 2 you get 10% off, 3 you get 15% off, and 5 you get 20% off. See here for more details.

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Solar Power Lights

When camping having access to light is very important. You do not want to use up your phone battery when unnecessary. Having solar power camping lights is unquestionably a great idea. I will show you a solar light bulb and another solar energy lighting that is suited for camping.

Solar Bulb

Solar bulbs are a must have while tent camping. I use this solar bulb on Amazon, while I tent and it works perfectly. Unlike RV’s and campers, tents do not have lights installed in them. It is something you have to bring and setup yourself. When tent camping you have no given power source, but solar power changes the game. The solar bulb produces LED light perfect for your tent in the dark. Charge your Solar Bulb in the day and have light at night.

Prodeli’s solar bulb has a hook attached to the top which makes it easy to hang almost anywhere. I keep it hung up in the center of my tent all night, and I will turn it on when I need it. It is great when reading at night, going out for a bathroom break, and basically everything. Having the ability to see at night makes tent camping much more enjoyable.

This solar bulb brand has multiple options to choose from when purchasing. You can get the normal solar bulb that I use, which works perfectly for me. And you can get the solar bulb that includes a remote, so you can click to turn your lights on and off at a distance. They give options where you can buy single solar bulbs, or you can get packs of 4. Check out the link and get more info on the Solar Bulb today:

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Clover Style Lantern & Flashlight

The Suaoki Collapsible Clover Style 18 Led Camping Tent Lantern is a solar-powered light and is a perfect fit for camping. Its unique design of three folding components includes a mini solar panel on one side and a bright LED light on the other. The hook located on its top makes it extremely versatile, either hang it in your tent or hang it outside. If you decide to hang it as a lantern you keep all 3 folding components upward, like the picture. However, when using it as a flashlight fold the components inward making it cylinder shaped.

The solar light can be charged manually by micro USB, or obviously by solar panels. The time it takes to charge by USB is 3.5 hours. The time it takes to charge by solar energy totally depends on the amount of sun exposure. Through experience, 4-5 hours left out in the sun makes the lantern last its regular 4 hour light limit. Which is plenty for a night at a time. Also what is great is the light works when plugged into a power source, so when out of battery use a solar charger or generator to keep its light going.

Dimensions (approx) :

  • Closed – 6 inches in length
  • Opened – 12 inches from tip to tip of the component

There are three different light modes built-in. | 1– low brightness  2– high brightness  3– Flashing  |  Having a choice of high and low brightness gives the ability to save your battery’s charge. It depends how you are using the product, if solar charged then saving battery may be a priority. Also having a flashing option is a need when in an emergency. SOS calls for help when in need of help, this lantern can actually save your life if you ever get lost in the wild.

See the latest price on Amazon, click the link below:

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Outdoor Solar String Lights

Solar power string lights on Amazon are under $20. They are more than just a decoration. The lights can provide enough light at night to see around. If you enjoy making your camp site look neat, then these lights are a good choice. You have the option of getting 100 LED lights at 33 feet, or 150 LED lights at 50 feet.

Also you can choose from warm white or a bright white. They are very easy to use, stick the stake in the ground and let the sun charge it in the day. Whenever in need of light press the button behind the solar panel and you are set. Check individual price today:

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Solar Generator Kits

PAXCESS Generator Kit

 The PAXCESS solar generator kit is one of the most amazing solar innovations for camping. It has 100 Watts, which is lots of power for camping. I find it has everything you need when you are without power. Here is a list of what the actual power box includes:

  • Dual 110V AC power outlet – this enables you to power up small appliances (laptops, TVs, fans, entertainment systems, etc)
  • Two USB 5V 3.5A ports – easy charge for phones, tablets, cameras, etc
  • Three DC 12V 15A Max – Use DC converter, Cig socket, vehicle plugins
  • Front Mini screen – battery level and power source options
  • Back side has an emergency light.

The PAXCESS power generator is easy to carry around, it has a large handle and it is only 3.5 lbs. People wonder why it is called a generator? People call it a load of different names, such as a portable generator, portable power supply, battery pack, emergency pack, etc. I enjoy calling it the solar generator kit, just because this is a pack and it includes so much. When you buy the entire kit you get:

  • Portable solar generator (100W Generator)
  • 50W Solar Panel
  • 4.2ft / 1.3m AC adapter
  • 3.3ft / 1m car charger cable
  • DC to Cig Socket adapter
  • User Guide
  • 18-month warranty
  • Solar Panel adapter
  • Generator Protective Bag
How it works?

Firstly, the generator must be charged. There are multiple ways to charge this generator and that is why it is so amazing. Listed below are the 3 types of charging options :

Solar charge – Attach solar panel adapter to your solar panel. Then attach the solar panel adapter to the generator. Place panels in strong sunlight throughout the day. If strong sunlight you will have a full battery supply by night.

Wall outlet charge – Attach AC adapter and charge from the wall outlet. Charges in 8 hours, leave overnight before the camping trip.

Car charger cable – Attach car charging cable into vehicle and charge when on route to the destination.

The generator kit includes separate purchases if you want, or grab them all together. Click the attached link below for the kits latest price:

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Wegner Generator Kit

The Wegner generator on Amazon is the best starter kit for camping. It includes everything in one affordable price. If you need a generator for smaller things like phone charging or powering lights than it just might be exactly what you are looking for. The kit includes so much, making it a steal of a deal.

Kit includes:

  • Portable Power Generator
  • Solar panel
  • 5 Rechargeable battery’s
  • Power cable
  • Multi-function USB cable
  • 3 LED Lamps
  • Remote Control
  • User Manual

Included Outlets:

  • Solar Panel 6V In
  • 2 USB 5V DC Output for your tablets, iPhone, iPad, fans and lights
  • 4 Ports 3.7 V output for LED lights
  • AC Power Socket
  • USB Mp3 Socket

The generator itself has a LED light built-in and an FM radio. Which is pretty awesome for this little machine. It is very portable with the dimensions standing tall at 8 7/8 inches (22.5 cm), front facing length 5 7/8 inches (15 cm), and width 4 1/8 inches (10.3cm). Easy to bring tent camping, and even to take on a hike. Check out the most recent price on Amazon, link below:

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Goal Zero Yeti Generator Kit

The yeti generator series is one of the top-rated generator series. The best part about Yeti is the number of options you are given to choose from. What I mean is there are different size generators, and you can choose how to charge it. What I like about this product is they have their own outlet for their own accessories.


Wh stands for Watt-hour. A Watt-hour is how we measure for power over a certain period of time. When using generators we are measuring the maximum amount of battery the generator can contain. For an example, a fully charged 100 Watt-hour battery can power 100 Watts for one complete hour, or power 50 Watts for 2 hours, 25 Watts for 4 hours, and so on.

Now looking at the types of Yeti generators you can see some are much stronger in Watt-hours, but they drastically change in price as well. The 1250Wh yeti power lasts a very long time and is certainly the top option. The 400Wh and 150Wh are still a great choice, they just don’t last as long. Choose accordingly because it all depends how much power you even need, charging phones and smaller accessories will easily charge for hours on any generator. The 400Wh and 150Wh are the perfect sizes for camping.

How it works?

How the yeti works as a solar powered generator is you have to get the solar panels too. When buying your kit, choose the options of adding 1 or 2 panels or get the solar boulder 50 kit. The panels are your regular solar panels, they are easy to carry and are lightweight for camping, I prefer them for camping if you are always on the run. However, the boulder 50 kit is a hard durable solar panel with an angled stand for great sun exposure. Take a look at the kit types on Amazon to see for yourself. I recommended either 1 of the solar panels or just the boulder 50 kit for camping, just because you do not need all the extra gear.

Below is the type of Yeti, I have displayed them in order of Watthour size. The top link is the generator without panels and the bottom is the kit. Feel free to take a look:

150Wh Generator No kit – here

150Wh Yeti Kit (CLICK HERE)

400Wh Generator No Kit – here

400Wh Yeti Kit (CLICK HERE)

1250Wh Generator No Kit – here

1250Wh Yeti Kit (CLICK HERE)


When purchasing the No Kit option you still have access to regular charge. The kit includes charging cables to hook up to a regular wall, and a solar panel convert cable. This is just in case you ever want to buy the panels later on, which you can easily do by clicking here.

Read more about the Yeti Generator series in our review article: YETI GENERATOR REVIEW


These are some top solar power camping gear products. Test a few out and post in the comments. Also feel free to ask questions or post your thoughts. Tell us if you think solar power camping gear is good for camping or not.

Check out our Tent Camping Checklist for Beginners article if you want to learn the packing basics.

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