Tent Floor Padding Ideas? Try these!

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I enjoy comfort while I am camping. One thing I noticed pretty quick when I began tent camping was rocks and sticks under my tent. This was super annoying and all I wanted was a comfy floor. I came up with some ideas pretty quick, take a look through my tent floor padding ideas. Trust me, you will be a lot comfier after this.

1. Interlocking Tile Tent Flooring

The best tent floor padding idea I thought of was interlocking foam tiles. My recommended choice is the jumbo & soft interlocking foam tiles from Amazon. Interlocking foam tiles are so easy to use, and they take away any bumps, sticks, and stones hidden under your tent.

If you don’t really know what interlocking foam tiles are I will explain. It is pretty self-explanatory though, they are tiles created with foam of course.. Each tile can vary in size, usually they are 2 foot by 2 foot.

The thickness of the tile is what is important for camping. You can find tiles under 1/2 an inch, but I would recommend anything larger. The tiles are like big puzzle pieces, and they connect to one another with little connectors. Take a look at the black tile picture, that should help you understand quite easy.

After setting up your tent the next thing you should do is place down the foam tiles. If you put all your gear in the tent first, it will take you double the time to place out the tiles because you will be moving stuff around constantly.

If you are having trouble with your tiles being to large to perfectly fit, just cut them to shape your tent. Foam is easily cut by the use of scissors, or even a box cutter. Just be careful cutting, we don’t want any injuries. Also, interlocking foam tiles are very affordable so do not worry about cutting them.

2. Carpet Tent Flooring


People have access to different things, based on their jobs, friends, and family. Having easy access to real carpet flooring can be great for tent camping. Carpet flooring can actually be rolled up for travel purposes and also cut to the shape of your tent’s floor base. Carpet is a cozy style of flooring, and in the tent it helps remove the feeling of debris underneath.

Don’t worry if you do not have any access to free or extra carpet that is ok. You can buy carpet from most any flooring store, but the prices vary. The price of carpet can cost as little as $2 per square foot, depending on the type of carpet. Obviously it can cost more too, but pick whats comfortable and affordable.

If you do not have access to carpet flooring you can always order a large carpet rug. Carpet rugs work great for tent floors, just get a size you like. Order a larger size and cut it down to an exact size.

3. Rugs and Mats – Tent Flooring

If you want a quick and easy tent floor you can always head off to the dollar store to buy some cheap rugs or mats. The downside of this tent floor padding idea is finding the right size. Rugs and mats come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, this can make your tent floor bumpy and uncomfortable if not laid out correctly.  With more mats and rugs, more time will be used to place them all down and together.

However, it is an easy floor idea. It will easily create an extra layer between you and the bumpy ground. Which is really the main idea of the tent floor padding, to help create some comfort.

4. Fluffy Blanket Flooring

Are you looking for a cozy tent idea? Then I think you just found the idea for you. Grab lots of extra blankets if you want this idea to work best.

After setting up your tent make sure the inside of the tent is fairly clean, no dirt or spilled liquids. We do not want an uncomfortable area from the get go.

Place as many blankets (until comfortable) against the tent floor. Having more blankets means more padding. All the blankets act as a cushioned floor, best for lounging around. I wouldn’t say this tent idea is used as an actual floor like a house, but more towards being lazy and hanging out. Bring in the portable DVD player and cozy up in the tent to a couple of movies!

Why have a padded tent floor?

Some people might ask “Why bother to have a padded floor in a tent?”. I think that is a good question, because it does take up more packing space since the ideas are not very compact. Plus backpack tent camping is usually about being lightweight, and meant to be easy-going.

However, we live in a day and age where most everything evolves and people find ways to do it “better”. It’s not a better way though, it is a different way and there is nothing wrong with adding comfort. Some people enjoy the rough and toughing it camping, while others like relaxing and connecting with nature in a comfortable manner.

The reason to have a padded floor in a tent, is to simply add comfort and to be cozier. I certainly enjoy getting a better night sleep with the extra comfort added. In addition, the extra padding makes a comfy place to play all sorts of fun tent games, check out our games in a tent article.

What else does the padding do?

Tent floor padding is not always about the actual cushion comfort, lets not forget how it can actually keep us warmer. By adding an extra layer between you and the ground, we actually keep the cold temperatures away. The ground is one of the number one reasons tent campers get cold. That is why there are sleeping pads and other products to add extra layers to stay well above. Now we can use tent floor padding ideas to not only stay comfy, but also to keep warm.


We hope you have made a decision on your next tent floor padding idea. The ideas will certainly keep you comfy, and adding extra comfort in a tent will never be frowned upon, believe me..

If you have any unique floor ideas that you have used in your tent let us know! Place your idea in the comments below.

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