Top 19 Camping Gifts for Her | What She Needs!

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It’s a great feeling of giving your loved one a present. It’s an even better feeling giving them something they will genuinely appreciate! If your loved one is a woman who loves the great outdoors and is a camping gal at heart, getting her something camping related is sure to score you some brownie points. After all, us camping girls do get a bit sick of chocolates and flowers after a while.

Of course, I can’t speak for everyone, but gifts score way more points with me if they are practical and have some purpose beyond their initial novelty value. I’ve made the gift hunt a little easier for you by coming up with a list of ideas for gifts for her that are sure to be appreciated.

There is a good range here so there is sure to be something for every woman, and something to suit all budgets too!


1. Bamboo Tumbler 18 oz Thermos

If she likes camping, she probably cares about the environment. In which case, anything sustainable and reusable is a great choice. This beautiful eco-friendly bamboo thermos by Sacred Lotus Love fits the bill perfectly.

It comes with a loose leaf tea infuser but can also be used for other hot or cold drinks like coffee, hot chocolate or iced tea. The tea infuser actually doubles as a strainer which would allow you to make your coffee in this gorgeous flask too. The exterior is bamboo and decorated with a beautiful piece of custom art by Sacred Lotus, while the interior and the strainer is made of durable, rust-proof, food-grade stainless steel.

The thermos will keep your drinks either hot or cold for 24 hours inside its leak-proof vacuum seal lid, making it ideal for camping excursions. You won’t have to worry about your drink going cold in this baby! (Or warming up…)

As a final bonus, this tumbler comes gift-wrapped and ready to give to that special lady!

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2. Rumpl The Down Blanket

I’ll be the first to admit that the stereotype is mostly correct when it comes to girls feeling the cold more than guys. But with this blanket, that doesn’t have to be an issue. The Down Blanket by Rumpl is one serious blanket, proclaimed by Rumpl to be the “Cadillac of outdoor blankets”.

Despite being a down blanket, it is incredibly durable, being waterproof and resistant to odors, stains and pet hair. It is machine washable and can be tumble dried making it very easy to care for. But best of all, it is lightweight (1lbs.) and packs down into a tiny, compact package, making it easy to bring with you on even the most remote camping adventure.

There is nothing better than snuggling under a blanket with a hot chocolate around a campfire in the evening, and this blanket will make that experience truly luxurious.

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3. ECO Reusable Bamboo Fiber Travel Coffee Cup 

In the same boat as the thermos above, this 14 Oz. reusable bamboo and cornstarch coffee cup is a great choice for the eco-conscious girl in your life.  It is non-toxic and biodegradable, while also being durable and lightweight.  That means it will handle being dropped repeatedly on the ground (trust me – been there), and it won’t weigh down your pack on backpacking trips (also been there).

The cup comes in several different designs to suit all tastes, with different colored silicone grips and lids. And, when you’re not camping, this will serve as an ideal keep cup for your Starbucks latte too to save on using those dirty disposables. Double win!

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4. Legit Camping Double Hammock

Reclining in a hammock can be one of the best ways to relax when you’re camping. You’re off the ground, suspended in the unbeatable comfort of a hammock, in the shade of a tree or next to a lapping lake shore. This double-sized hammock even gives you the option of kicking back with the missus, provided she doesn’t mind sharing of course.

Made of lightweight but extra tough parachute material, this hammock comes equipped with nylon straps and steel carabiners so all you need to do is find a couple of suitable trees and you’re set. But the best part is that it packs down into a compact stuff sack so it wouldn’t be a hassle to take this backpacking as an alternative to a sleeping mat.

This hammock is an investment into many, many hours of sleeping or relaxing.

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5. Bluetooth Headband

For the tech-savvy campers out there, this headband contains blue tooth headphones so that you can listen to your favorite music through the comfort of a headband. There are no cords to worry about, and the headband can be pulled down over your eyes to double as an eye mask at night, while you fall asleep listening to an audiobook.

What I really like about this headband is how versatile it is. It can be used relaxing in a hammock or when hiking or jogging. So, this is a gift that would definitely earn its place on the camping pack list, but most likely be used at home too.

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6. Mini Cocktail Shaker Set


Do you and your lovely lady enjoy a sneaky nightcap around the campfire before retiring to the tent? This mini cocktail set will add a festive buzz to any camp gathering, with all the necessary accessories in its 6 part set for shaking up some sweet mixes. The food-grade stainless steel is durable and easy to clean and the whole set comes in a compact carry case with foam inserts to protect the pieces from bumps on the road.

The set includes a shaker, muddler, mixing spoon, ice tong, measuring jigger and cocktail recipes, so there won’t be any drinks you’re unable to whip up.

Pair this gift with her favorite spirit and you’re on to a winner!

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7. Happy Camper Soft Cover Camping Journal

I can’t speak for all girls, but there’s something about the slow pace and quiet relaxation of camping that lends itself to journal writing. A camping journal could be the ideal present for the girl who enjoys a bit of peaceful reflection in her downtime.

Made of 100% recycled material, you can feel good about the environmental impacts of this Green e-certified journal too. The binding is stitched which allows this soft cover journal to lay flat for easy use.

If you’re really feeling inspired by the journal scene, pairing it with an au naturale pen like this one could be a good option too.

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8. Mosquito Repellent Bracelets - 100% Natural


These 100% natural, plant microfiber bracelets are infused with natural essential oils with insect repellent properties so keep those pesky mozzies at bay while you’re chill around the campfire.

They are adjustable, comfortable and are not bad looking too, coming in a set of different colors. I wouldn’t be disappointed at all to find these in my stocking at Christmas.

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9. CANDLOVE "Smoky Mountain Pine Scented 16oz Mason Jar Candle

If she loves camping, chances are she’ll appreciate the camping vibes at home too. This 100% soy candle, infused with natural smoky mountain pine scents will bring a little of the camping feel to your evening at home on special nights in. The wicks are made of 100% lead-free cotton and the all-natural soy wax burns cleanly and slowly, so you can be sure that your candle is non-toxic.

This 16 Oz. candle is contained within a glass mason jar with a metal lid, so if you did want to take it with you for your next camping trip, there would be nothing stopping you.

Finally, it has an impressive 70 hours of burn time!

Candles are a little more cliché in the realm of gift giving. But, they say clichés are cliché for a reason, right? Candles are always a good option in my books! If you haven’t checked out the Danish concept of Hygge yet, you’ll soon know what I mean!

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10. Camping Hair Don't Care Hat


This trucker cap is a must for all the camping gals out there who embrace the rugged camping vibes.

Proudly proclaiming “Camping Hair Don’t Care”, it is the boss of hats.

Made of durable material with an adjustable headband, it is comfortable and will serve to keep you shaded from the sun too. Who knew?

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11. Stanley Cook + Brew Set



For the hiking girls who love their morning coffee, this camping pot and French press all in one is a genius design that you’ll never leave home without once you’ve tried it. It doesn’t look characteristically feminine, but trust me, us outdoor gals are practical folk. If she backpacks and savours her morning brew, I can guarantee she’ll love this pot.

The nested design means that the whole thing is compact, lightweight and very easy to carry in your backpack. The stainless steel pot can be used over an open fire making it extra versatile, and after you’ve used it for your coffee, you can use it for your noodles!

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12. Marshmallow Roasting Sticks, Smores Skewers

What’s more romantic than roasting marshmallows or hotdogs around the campfire? These telescopic skewers are extendable to 34” and come in a set of 6 with different colored heat-resistant handles.

The handles are durable and comfortable to hold while the stainless steel forks rotate independently of the handle and wipe clean. They pack into convenient carry case so they won’t be a hassle to add to your camping supplies. And, best of all, you’ll have no excuse not to make those smores you’ve been craving after a long hike.

Gifts that can be used for a shared activity (like smore-eating of course!) are sure to create the kind of camping memories you want to remember.

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13. Nite Ize Gear Line Organization System

The Nite Ize Gear Line is effectively a cross between a washing line and wardrobe but for the inside of your tent. And if your lovely lady loves things to be tidy and organized, this genius device is sure to be a winner. In either 2’ or 4’ lengths, the high-quality webbing spans the width of your tent ceiling with S-Biners to attach things that you either want to dry or keep stored off the ground for easy access.

You could hang a lamp or your head torch, your mug, your hat, your socks.. you name it.

This is a practical gift that will shine once it’s put into action and is guaranteed to make tent life a whole lot tidier.

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14. Sea to Summit Stuff Sack

In keeping with the organization theme, this isn’t a glamorous gift, but it is a fail-safe option for the women hikers out there. These lightweight dry bags are extremely durable and make multi-day hikes or extended camping trips a whole lot more comfortable.

Guaranteed to keep your things completely dry (and organized), they are an essential piece of equipment if you’re camping anywhere when rain might be on the cards. After all, a big part of camping comfort is having dry clothes to wear at the end of the day!

As a double bonus, these dry bags also work really well to use as your food cache when camping in bear-prone areas. As they are completely waterproof and very durable, you can easily hang them in a tree and keep your food (and the bears) safe overnight.

These sacks come in different sizes and colors so you can even have multiple bags on the go to provide optimum organization for your pack.

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15. Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag

The sleepingo sleeping bag might be a good camping gift choice. It might be hinting that you want to get a little closer... but is there anything wrong with that?

When camping the double sized sleeping bag is a great way to stay warm because the body heat accumulates from 2 people instead of one. Comfort is also another important factor when sleeping, with a combination of Tetron and Cotton you will be provided with a super COZY feeling sleeping bag.

The outer soft and silky lining is comfy, but more importantly, it is durable. Having a sleeping bag that will last you a series of camping trips is important. Also, I am sure you do not want to get her something cheap feeling, do you?

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16. GoGirl


Now, I do not know the relationship types you guys have, but maybe this can be used as a gag gift or an actual gift idea. That is for you to decide!

The GoGirl helps women go whenever they feel. There is no need to get into much detail about the GoGirl device. I think it can be used as a funny gift no problem at all, but it is also very convenient for camping in the wild!

It is a number one selling product that thousands of customers rate extremely high, so maybe this gift idea can make your gift list? Read real reviews by visiting Amazon below.

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17. LifeStraw

The Lifestraw is the perfect camping gift for her. If she ever camps, hikes, or does any outdoor activity the straw is a great choice. What is the Lifestraw? It is a straw that filters out 99.999999% bacteria from water. You can put the straw in flowing water streams, or even still water. It will prevent bacteria from entering your body.

This provides you with water on all of your hikes that have any water source nearby. What is more important the straw replaces heavy bottle carrying, which really takes a toll on you during hikes or long backpacking trips.

Throwing a Lifestraw into your gift bag will never hurt.

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18. Warm Soft Cozy Socks Slippers for Outdoor Camping

If shes camping she needs to stay warm. The down-filled slipper boots are perfect to keep your feet warm in any camping experience. They are a little different, the use for thes boots are indoor only. Wear them inside you camping tent, this will keep her feet extra cozy inside the sleeping bag.

What is great about the boots is the camping feel they have, that is what differentiates them from regular slippers. And, the down-filled aspect makes them warmer than any regular slipper too.

I can't see any complaints when she has cozy feet?

Check out the black pair, purple pair, green pair, here if you don't think red is her color!

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19. SEALSKINZ 100% Waterproof Sock

If all else fails, get her socks! I know, right? It’s supposed to be the guy who gets the socks.

Well, I personally love being given socks, because they are a boring item to shop for and it saves me having to do it.

These camping socks justify themselves a little more though. They are waterproof with a cozy, warm and moisture-wicking merino inner layer to keep your feet dry and very cozy. They are thick and durable with a polypropylene outer, elasticated instep, and Y-gore heel construction.

Cozy feet make for a cozy camping experience so though it may not feel like the most glamorous gift, it’s sure to be appreciated!

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That concludes this list of the Top 15 Camping gifts for her 2018. I hope you enjoyed the read! Feel free to comment below and subscribe for more useful reads!

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