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Many of us who have dogs also love to go camping. Its pretty simple to take care of any pet while camping in a trailer. However, when you want to bring your dog tent camping there is more to consider, you must find the right tent, make your tent dog-friendly, etc. It is important that you keep your dog safe, and yourself. That is why I put together a list of the best tents for camping with dogs, I made it specifically to accommodate all tent campers who can’t and won’t leave their furry friends behind. I hope you find all the information you are looking for, if not please comment any questions and concerns in the section below.

Firstly, you need to choose an appropriate camping tent for your dog. This means the tent must be durable and breathable. Furthermore, I highly recommend the tent having a vestibule area of some sort. This provides an area for the dog to hang out and have its own little den. Different tents have different style vestibules, finding one that you think would work best for you is key. I created a list of the very best tents for camping with dogs below. “Click To See Price” for more pictures of the tent and to see the price on Amazon.

TentDog-Friendly RatingWhy It's Great For Dogs?Read MorePrice

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent
9.8/10- Spacious Vestibule
- Great Ventilation
- Durable Material
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9.5/10- Super Weatherproof Vestibule
- 2 Door Vestibule
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Coleman Carlsbad 4-Person Dome Tent with Screen Room
8.9/10- Small VestibuleJump to ReviewClick To See Price

Coleman 6-Person WeatherMaster Tent
9.5/10- Large Connecting Vestibule
- Floorless Vestibule Area
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Andake Ultralight Tent - 1206g LUXURY ONE MAN
9.7/10- Room Inside and Space Right Outside Tent
- Practical Backpacking With a Dog
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The North Face VE 25 Tent
9.9/10- Pricey, Though Safest Tent In All Weather
- 2 Door Floorless Vestibule
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Nemo Wagontop 4P Camping Tent
9.9/10- Has Indoor and Outdoor Vestibule Area
- Very Spacious
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HuiLingYang Outdoor Instant 4-Person Pop Up
9/10- Quick and Easy Shelter
- Small Area for a Dog Space
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Yolafe Portable Pet Tent
10/10- Its a Tent Just For The Dog!
- Waterproof and Breathable
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Alcott Pup Tent
10/10- Tent made specifically for your little buddyJump to ReviewClick To See Price

Making A Tent Dog-Friendly

If you already have a tent or you plan on buying a new one, it is important to know how to make it dog-friendly. Basically, it depends on where you will allow your dog to roam. Different owners will have different rules set in place for their little buddy. Some owners like their dog cuddled up nice and close inside the tent, while others prefer giving them their own space, whether inside or out.

When Keeping Dog Inside The Tent

Dogs will get dirty while camping and that is why I like to create a “Dog Zone” inside my camping tent. This is a place where I make a little bed which is comfy and they have a spot to be as dirty as they want. Yes… some dogs will completely forget about their own area and they will try to cuddle up to you, that’s why you choose if they are inside or out.

A tents flooring is usually tough enough against the paws of a dog, but there are a few ideas that are easily done to prevent possible punctures:

  1. Lay foam tiles as a tent floor, this creates an extra durable flooring that no dog will puncture with their nails
  2. A layer of blankets reduce the possibility of a dog puncturing through the floor
  3. A sheet of carpet prevents rips and tears

There are various ways to keep your tent floor strong to prevent your dog from puncturing a hole. If you keep your buddies nails trimmed before your camping trip there shouldn’t be any problems anyways.

Some tent campers will place a lock or a carabiner on the zipper so their dog will not escape throughout the night. My dog doesn’t know how to use any zippers (LOL), but if you have a smartie then lock up before bedtime.

When Keeping Dog Outside The Tent

If you prefer your dog staying outside the tent it is always important that it should still have some sort of shelter. Many vestibuled tents have zippered-in areas that are perfect for dogs, and they also have open space vestibules that have shelter with the option to roam outside.

Having that closed in vestibule area is absolutely perfect for camping with a dog. Make a little area that he/she can sleep, eat, and have a drink. This is great for owners to not have to worry about their dog’s body slamming them through the night or having them free roam outside.

When you have an opened vestibule I highly recommend you have your dog tied on so it doesn’t chase any wild animals. The outside vestibule is perfect for dogs that doo-doo throughout the night and prefer to pee on everything. Also, if you have an air mattress you should consider keeping your dog as far away from it as possible.

You can easily set up a secured shelter for sleeping with an outside vestibule. They will have their own sleeping space and the ability to roam around the campsite. When tying on a leash make sure it is connected to something very sturdy so it doesn’t break free.

Best Camping Food For Dogs?

When going on a camping trip dog owners might wonder, what will my dog eat? The most common type of dog food on the market is kibble and sometimes your dog might only eat a certain type of food. My dog Spencer,  also known as just Spence, can only eat Lamb kibble or he gets an upset tummy. Just imagine your dog with an upset tummy and stuck inside your tent… It would not be a long clean-up and a refreshing whiff of fresh air, that’s for sure. I do recommend staying with the same food they eat at home so you can prevent any digestion irregularities.

Car camping vs back-country camping are totally different types of camping, which means the process of preparing is much different. Preparing for a car camping trip take all the pet food accessories you need, such as a food/water dish, big food bag, canned foods, and whatever goodies they love to have.

However, back-country is when you throw a backpack on and hike a long distance and set up camp. The entire purpose when packing is to remain lightweight, so I highly recommend Kibble in a plastic baggy. It is the lightest option when considering the same dog food that they would eat at home. As I wouldn’t change my dogs food, because I am aware of his stomach type, others do have the option. My family dog Simpson, when I was a little kid, would eat anything and everything he could get his paws on with zero stomach consequences. It totally depends on your dog as an individual. It can be helpful to have a Collapsible Dog Bowl from Amazon, they have a carabiner which can hook directly onto a backpack!

If your dog has no troubles switching foods there are Purina Moist Food Packs that are a convenient option.  These cases have 36 available pouches that you can even test out before you hit the road.

Keep Your Dog safe While Camping

Keep Eyes On Them

Your little buddy is probably going to be sniffing everything while out on the trail. It is important to keep an eye on him/her to make sure they are not eating anythging they are not supposed to be. There are a number of things they could get into such as mushrooms, plants, garbage,  animal carcasses, and so much more.

Please try and be as aware as you can so they do not get sick. If your pup is having looseness of the bowels for a couple days you should call your vet and find as much information out as possible. It might mean a short trip, but pup owners will do anything to keep there furry friends in the best health conditions.

Get A Reflective Dog Camping Vest

A dog vest can be used for a number of things, sometimes to hold items or to act as a reflector. After some minor research, I think I came up with the best option for a reflective vest for your dog. The OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest is the ultimate dog camping vest. It has a number of pouches for minor storage and multiple Velcro strips. The Velcro strips enable you to add any Velcro patches that you think are necessary.

The most common Velcro patch ideas are a reflective patch, custom glow in the dark (name patch), and a service dog patch. Having the reflective and glow in the dark patches can help you in case of an emergency. Of course we do not plan on any emergencies but sometimes dogs will chase other animals. With the reflective or glow in the dark it makes it easier to keep your eyes on them if they happen to take off.

Best Tents For Camping With Dogs

  1. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent
  2. NTK Indy GT XL Tent
  3. Coleman Carlsbad Dome Tent with Screen Room
  4. Coleman 6-Person WeatherMaster Tent
  5. Andake Ultralight Tent – 1206g LUXURY ONE MAN
  6. The North Face VE 25 Tent – Summit Gold/Asphalt Grey
  7. Nemo Wagontop 4P Camping Tent
  8. HuiLingYang Outdoor Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent
  9. Yolafe Portable Pet Tent
  10. Alcott Pup Tent

1. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

 Looking for lots of space? Great, because the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent is very spacious and is the perfect tent for camping with a dog. The vestibule area is massive, the company says its great for 3 people so that is plenty of doggy room. The amount of room inside the tent is even larger, being able to hold 5 people.

This Wenzel Tent is the ideal dog tent, you can keep the pet out in the zippered-in vestibule area at any time of the day because it will always get fresh air. The mesh surrounding prevents your dogs from overheating and exhaustion. Leave plenty of water for them if you do head out for a few hours. Also, don’t be afraid to tie them on and keep the vestibule open for a place for them to hang in the shade.

The material used to make this camping tent is weather-repellent polyester with polyurethane coating. So no worries when it rains cause you will stay dry inside. In the screened room there are actually roll up windows that will keep rain out, so roll them up and your pups are going to stay dry!

Quality, size, and functionality are the reasons this is our best option on our “best tents for camping with dogs” article.

  • Weighs 27.3 lbs
– Super Spacious Vestibule and Tent– Larger so not as sturdy against wind
– Vestibule has roll-up windows to keep dogs dry
– Waterproof material
– Great Ventilation
– Very Affordable Price

View on Amazon

2. NTK Indy GT XL Tent

 The NTK Indy has a great size vestibule great for your doggy. It is completely waterproof inside the tent and in the vestibule, so you and your dog will have a nice dry camping trip. Also in the 2 doored vestibule, there are 2 large windows that your dog will love. It provides natural light so they do not have to sit in complete darkness or very low lights.

NTK brand is well known for there ability to keep strong against bad weather, a similar NTK tent made our bad weather family camping tents list! Their double coverage rain-fly creates a 100% waterproof cover. The construction of this tent is amazing against heavy winds, keeping you and your dogs safe.

The overall design of this tent will certainly please your dog, they will feel right at home when you cozy up the vestibule. Keep the center door open if you have to take off for a bit, this gives them an option to stay outside or have a safe shelter from the weather inside. Again, it’s best to keep them tied on.

  • Weighs 17 lbs
– Large Vestibule Area– Great against cool weather, but can get hot during warm days
– Plenty of available NTK Indy size tents
– Weatherproof
– Affordable Tent

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3. Coleman Carlsbad Dome Tent with Screen Room

The Coleman Carlsbad Dome Tent is easily a perfect choice when camping with a dog. The screened room area is a place you can leave your dog if you head off somewhere like grocery shopping, or if you are gone out on the water in a boat, etc. Also, when packing it in for the night you can set up a nice comfy bed area for your pal to sleep with fresh air throughout the night.

This screen room opens and closes with a zipper. You can keep it opened up and let your dog roam in and out to get his/her food and water, but if you choose to do so then tie them on! This screened room area will easily fit 2-3 dogs depending on their size.

The material used creates a dark room technology inside the tent, which is amazing when in need of extra sleep. In addition, this tent has a WeatherTec system which will keep you dry from heavy rain and safe from high winds. With the durable material used as a flooring your dog should easily walk on it, but it is nice to place some sort of rug or padding in the vestibule screened room.

  • Weighs 15 lbs
– Large Vestibule– Vestibule can get wet, would need extra protection if raining (Tarp)
– Vestibule has drainage in flooring
– Dark room technology for sleeping
– Available in 4-P and 6-P
– Very Affordable Price

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4. Coleman 6-Person WeatherMaster Tent

 When it comes to the Coleman 6-Person WeatherMaster Tent we can say that the weather is no worry. This tent will keep you safe from some pretty harsh storms that mother nature decides to throw at us. There is so much room inside this tent, with a 6-foot 8-inch ceiling height. That is enough room to play with your pups inside the tent too.

The screen room is a great addition for your dog or dogs. It does not have a material floor or any floor at all. This is perfect for your dog to use the potty… It is pretty easy to place a mat or rug down for extra comfort, and then place the bed on top.

Having the screen room zipped in makes it perfect for pets. Provides you with the option to open or close the doors when needed. When staking the tent down just make sure it is stuck hard into the ground. If not your dog can try and squeeze under to escape because of the floorless room. Also, entering from the screen room into the floored tent area is a simple screened door. You can keep it opened up so your dog can hang out inside the tent and if needed the grass area is available to them!

  • Weighs 32 lbs
– Spacious for family and multiple dogs– Not great in colder weather
– Great floorless vestibule area– Screened room to tent does not zip on the bottom
– WeatherTec System is strong against storms
– Multiple Doors
– Good Ventilation

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5. Andake Ultralight Tent – 1206g LUXURY ONE MAN

If you plan on going solo then you can’t go wrong with the Andake Ultralight Tent – Luxury One Man addition. The luxury addition includes a larger vestibule area, perfect place for the dog and any extra gear you have. Place their bed under the protected area and you have face to face vision with your buddy.

Many one-man tents out there are perfect tents for backpacking, however, they are super expensive and have no extra room for any pets. They try to be so compact and small that a person barely fits, then there’s no extra space for any gear. Having the Andake One man Tent you will feel the great amount of room it offers. Pick and choose where you want your dog to stay, because there is enough room inside the tent too!

It has a 3000mm waterproof rating, which will certainly keep you dry in most any rainstorm. With a 150D oxford fabric tent bottom, there are no worries that your dog will poke a hole through very easy.

  • Weighs 2.5 lbs
– Super Lightweight– Some people have difficulty setting up the tent
– Spacious One-Man Tent
– Waterproof
– Durable Materials
– Affordable compared to other solo tents

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6. The North Face VE 25 Tent – Summit Gold/Asphalt Grey

If on the look for a tent that can handle any weather thrown at it, this is the one. The North Face VE 25 Tent is one of the strongest tents available on the market. It is a geodesic styled tent, read our What is A Geodesic Tent? article to see why geodesic constructed tents are the toughest tents.

Anyways, if you are planning on taking your dog on an intense mountaineering camping trip then it is best to go big. The VE 25 has been designed to keep you safe in the worst conditions through 4 seasons of the year. It is recommended not to be used in the summer but you can still open up all doors and vents if needed. The Geodesic Dome shape is very spacious, large enough for 2-3 people. Perfect use for a couple plus a dog or two.

The double-doored vestibule is large and extremely safe. It is floorless, so depending on the weather if your dog is outside you should place a few layers between them and the ground. If possible place insulation so they keep there own body heat. If extreme cold conditions just keep them safe inside the tent. You should know when outside is safe enough for your pups.

  • Fast Pack Weight 7 lbs / Total Weight 11lbs
– Mountaineering Tent designed for the worst conditions– Very expensive tent
– Adjustable fast pack weight
– Large vestibule and protected from weather
– Durable longlasting materials
– 4 Season Tent
– Easy to piece together

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7. Nemo Wagontop 4P Camping Tent

 The Nemo Wagontop 4P Camping Tent has one of the best designs for camping with a dog. Firstly, you have space for everyone. The tent is over 6.6 feet in height while having enough room for 4 sleepers. Its capacity is set on 4 people, however, there is plenty extra space leftover after that.

There is a large outside vestibule area, and we know these areas can be a great space for dogs. Although, in the Nemo, we have a huge space inside the tent that acts as a front porch. This small divider corners off an area that is the ideal place to have the dogs food and water, with there sleeping area as well. See the pictures on Amazon by clicking here.

Nemo provides quality camping tents, so you know you are paying for top quality. You will keep dry from its waterproof rain-shell, and its strong aluminum poles will hold up the tent in windy conditions.

  • Weighs 17 lbs
– Large Interior– High tent price
– Durable fabrics used
– Outside vestibule and an inside vestibule
– Great design for camping with a dog
– Also available in other sizes
– Strong aluminum tent poles

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 If you want something easy going and overall just simple to use the HuiLingYang Outdoor Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent is a great choice for you. The pop-up tent opens up within seconds, providing you with a perfect shelter. There are 2 doors, which makes it well ventilated. Plus the sides also have roll-up windows.

The reason it is perfect for camping with a dog is that there is an area between the door and main tent space where the dog can have its own zone. Have its food and water plus his or her bed.

Having multiple storage bags inside the tent is great for placing small items and even dog toys. This tent can be a great choice for camping with a dog, just pop-up and go!

  • Weighs 8 lbs
– Setup in seconds– Not best in heavy rain or extreme cold
– Sturdy Zippers
– Little area for dog
– Great air ventilation

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9. Yolafe Portable Pet Tent


I’d like to introduce the Yolafe Portable Pet Tent. This pet tent is a great option to set up near your real camping tent. It has zippers, which means your pet will remain inside the tent and will not run away. It is 100% breathable so there is nothing to worry about. Your dog will get all the fresh air and keep safe from running from the campsite. It was about time we mentioned a real size pent tent on our best tents for camping with dogs list, right?

Anyways, this tent is made with the best materials, 600D PU coating oxford cloth. This means inside the tent will stay completely dry in the rain and your dog will be very cozy. Even better, the tent is scratch and bite proof! Feel free to add their water and food bowl, and a comfy dog bed and blankets.

Also, the bed comes in two color options! Check them out on Amazon by clicking the button below.

  • Weighs 1.75 lbs
– Durable and sturdy against weather– Your pet will be away from your camp
– Breathable and ventilated
– Extremely affordable

View on Amazon

10. Alcott Pup Tent


The Alcott Pup Tent is a great mini dog tent that you can take camping or use at home. The best thing is it only weighs 1.5 lbs, so you can even take it on small backpacking adventures if you wanted. The dimensions of the tent are 32″ Wide x 42″ Deep x 30″ Tall, plenty of space for many sized dogs!

Air circulation is great, so your doggy will have all the fresh air he deserves! The Alcott tent includes tent stakes so the tent holds up against the weather! Also, the tent comes with a carry bag, making travel extremely easy. My girlfriend actually owns a pet store, and pet tents are very popular. The few offered on Amazon are of great quality at pretty unbeatable prices. The real owners of this products left so many great reviews of this tent, I highly recommend the Alcott or the Yolafe.

  • Weighs 1.5 lbs
– Weatherproof– Your pet will be away from your camp
– Well ventilated
– Lightweight and easy for travel

View on Amazon

Answering Real Life Questions?

How will my dog sleep while camping?

Just like humans dogs might feel a little uncomfortable when sleeping outside of their home. It is important to provide your dog with as much attention as you can just so they are not anxious. Let them sleep with you if they usually do, this can help them sleep. Why would they have trouble sleeping when camping? Dogs can hear and smell extremely well and this means their senses can hear wildlife and smell a lot of different things. I know like my dog when he wants to smell something he makes sure he sniffs the entire area, I guess they are dominant and want to “own the area” LOL. Anyways, just be aware that they might not sleep as well because of the wild. Quick tip: Grab a blanky or dog bed they use and take it camping!

How will my dog act around wildlife?

Like I said wildlife can even cause sleeping issues with your dog just because of the noises. However, when it comes face to face with other animals be extremely careful. Obviously this depends highly on where you are located in the world. If there are only bunnies running around your dog will be ok, just make sure they don’t chase animals off and run away! When it comes to certain animals like coyotes, wolfs, bears, mountain lions, be cautious. Wild animals are hard to read, sometimes they are nice beautiful creatures, other times they are dangerous and protective of themselves and their families. I recommend having a dog bell connected to their collar to keep predators away!

My dog was sick while we were camping?

Sometimes dogs get bad tummies too. I know they will dig into rocks, dirt, trees, mushrooms, grass, bad water, you name it… Depending on the severity you must consider if calling the vet is needed. Usually its just a bad tummy from getting into something on the trail. I know when my dogs get sick feeding them pumpkin can help! My girlfriends pet store sells Farmina N&D Canine Pumpkin products and most dogs love them! Plus it is helping out there intestinal tract.

Ask more questions in our comments section below!


Wondering where will your dog sleep when camping? Don’t worry we have an article to help you! Read our “When Camping With A Dog Where Does He Sleep” article. Just click the link to find out everything you need to know.

When on the search for a camping tent that is suitable for you and your dog, keep in mind what you believe will work best. It’s all about finding something comfortable for you and the dog. Camping is a great outdoor activity, you get the chance to take your pup hiking, exploring, climbing, swimming, and so much more. They will probably enjoy it more than you, so finding a comfy and safe place to camp out is important.

Tents come is all sorts of shapes and sizes. Check our website to find more camping tents that you may find right for you. I hope you enjoyed our “Best Tents for Camping with Dogs” article and found the quality information you were looking for.

Thanks for reading in at and if you love camping subscribe to our site for access to our newest articles first! Find email subscription in our footer below. Trust us, we do not spam!


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