Best Sleeping Bags under $50 in 2020

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Best Sleeping Bags under 50 Dollars

Staying warm during camping can be annoyingly expensive, get a sleeping bag that is warm and durable. There are sleeping bags under the price of $50. Just because the price is affordable doesn’t mean the quality is poor. Obviously I would not recommend a $50 sleeping bag for a camper in harsh cold weather conditions. Although you can keep warm, dry, and use these sleeping bags in 3-4 seasons accordingly. There are some great sleeping bags under $50, I have researched many to see if people liked them and they do! I have listed 10 sleeping bags under $50 below.

Considerations – What to know

It may seem crazy, $50 dollars or less for a sleeping bag? However, the sleeping bags below are valued at great quality and through lots of research are reviewed highly. Just because something is affordable people think it is no good, that is not always the case. I have put together 10 great sleeping bags that you can take camping, backpacking, or for any other sleeping needs. What is considered is price, quality, and its online reviews.


Sleeping bags are seasonal, keep in mind for what you are looking for:

Season Categories Temperature
Summer  3°C to 15°C
3 Season  -3°C to 10°C
Winter -5°C to -40°C

Place the bag type in this category selection for extra help. Take in consideration if you are a warm or cold sleeper. Warm sleepers tend to stay closer to the rating than cold sleepers. The rated temperature on a sleeping bag can indicate the temp known to keep your body from freezing,  you should always add 10 degrees+ just to be safe and maximize comfort. It is never a bad idea to “go warmer” rather than “going colder”.

*Important* – If the product has a season listed it does not apply to this graph, each individual product has their own rating. Use at personal preference.

Quick-Jump Table of Contents :

Coleman North Rim Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag

The Coleman North Rim sleeping bag is one of the best sleeping bags available under 50 dollars. It is great for cold nights, rated at temperatures 0° F to 10° F. The sleeping bag has a quilting construction, meaning it makes sure there will be no cold spots. Also, it includes a drawstring that can be adjusted to tighten to keep heat in.

The amount of room inside the bag is plentiful. The squared bottom is designed to leave room for movement. The height recommended is 6 ft 2 in and anything below. It is great that this sleeping bag will keep you toasty warm on cold nights, but what about warm nights? There is a zipper on the bottom for extra ventilation, making it easier to cool down. The zippers are thermo-locked, which prevents heat from escaping through. Lastly, the North Rim includes a quick storage sack, easy to keep small items near.

  • 5.8 lbs

Check here for the latest price of the Coleman North Rim Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag

OUTSTAR Lightweight Waterproof Sleeping Bag

The OUTSTAR Lightweight sleeping bag is super affordable and reliable. It is thermal, meaning it keeps a hold of your body heat. The bag is filled with light quality hollow cotton, known to make it super lightweight while maintaining its ability to keep you warm. The lining is hypoallergenic, therefore no worry for any reactions. My favorite thing about choosing the OUTSTAR sleeping bag is the available amount of options you have to choose from. There is a mummy shape and a rectangle, then multiple color options too. It is waterproof, breathable and comfortable, making it a great choice.

Check here for the latest price of the OUTSTAR lightweight Waterproof Sleeping Bag

Reisen 0 Degree Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

The Reisen 0°C Cold weather bag is light, comfortable and ready for any weather. It will last through many camping trips since it is known to have a thick material and is very durable. The Reisen comes with a small packing bag, great for backpacking trips and more. The inner

In the winter season, this bag would not be a great choice, at a 0°C rating you would easily freeze. I would consider this a 3 season sleeping bag, but be aware in colder seasons that temperatures remain above the freezing point.

  • 4 lbs

Check here for the latest price of the Reisen 0 Degree Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

Osage River Zero Degree Sleeping Bag

 The Osage River sleeping bag is made of a strong polyester “Ripstop” material. It has strong 210T (thread count) lining throughout the bag, keeping it stronger than others. The sleeping bag is insulated with a couple layers of hollow fiber, a loose woven fiber with space in-between. This provides more insulation keeping you warm. The Osage sleeping bag is around 6 ft 8 in long, great for the majority of people. There is a two-way zipper, making it easy for entering and exiting the bag. Keeping the zipper partially open is an easy way to cool down. It is rated at 0° F or -17°C, meaning this is a 4 season sleeping bag. The Osage River Zero degree comes with a lifetime warranty, a way to prove its tough durability.

  • 3.75 lbs

Check here for the latest price of the Osage River Zero Degree Sleeping Bag

 LATTCURE Portable Lightweight Sleeping Bag

The LATTCURE sleeping bag is rated at -10°C or 14°F, which puts the bag in a possible winter season category. Although, depending on how cold the winter is, just make sure temperatures do not drop below its rating. The product states it is a 3 season sleeping bag, I am guessing to be safe and keep you extra cozy in other months excluding winter. It has a zipper on top and bottom, the bottom zipper is great to open for breathability. The LATTCURE is compact-able because it comes in a small compression sack making it easy to take almost anywhere. What is neat and unique for this sleeping bag is the top, it is a half-circle with an adjustable string that you can tighten. When tightened the bag curls up around your head to keep in heat. 

  • 4.4 lbs

Check here for the latest price of the LATTCURE Portable Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Pecosso Ultralight Sleeping Bag – Best Bang for Your Buck

 The Pecosso sleeping bag is definitely one of the most affordable bags on the list. However, I would not say it is the warmest, being rated at 6°C or 43°F. For some reason, I could not figure out why the product says its a 3-4 season sleeping bag. Unless you live in a super warm place probably southern, then yes it can work in the winter. Although, in the northern states and Canada I recommend only to use this in the summer. It is a fluffy sleeping bag, good for comfort and keeping you cozy warm in summer adventures. The bag is a total 7 feet long and 6 feet cover length, pretty much great for anyone. Pecosso says it is machine washable, making it easy to clean after trips. 

  • 2.35 Lbs Est.

Check here for the latest price of the Pecosso Ultralight Sleeping Bag

NORSENS Flannel Lightweight Sleeping Bag

The NORSENS flannel sleeping bag is a nice quality bag. It has a nice comfortable flannel surrounding, good to keep you warm and cozy. Its zippers are known to work very well, and they are protected with Velcro tabs. The bag fits people at 6.5 feet tall and under, making it usable by most. NORSENS sleeping bag can open right up and become a huge quilt, perfect to bring out in the camping chair to keep warm. The Top has a simple drawstring that can tighten and surround your head for better warmth and comfort. The temperature is rated at 0°C or 30°F, keeping this sleeping bag at 3 seasons. People reviewing the bag said it kept them warm and had no complaints. 

  • 4.6Lbs

Check here for the latest price of the NORSENS Flannel Lightweight Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports Celsius Regular Sleeping Bag – Most Comfortable Sleeping Bag Under $50

The TETON Sports sleeping bag is one of my favorite for comfort on the list. The company TETON is trustworthy and they look like they make sure their quality is maximized. They have a brushed flannel lining that keeps body heat inside, and the lining is said to feel like soft bed sheets. The upper part of the bag includes shoulder cushions and this is a great way to keep drafts from entering and to keep heat from exiting. The hood of the bag can tighten to create a mummy shape, leaving your head cushioned and warm. Ventilation is unique, the zippers open top and bottom but the TETON sleeping bag can connect to one another TETON bags. Great for couples and/or family camping trips.

The TETON is temperature rated at -18°C or 0°F, can be used in certain winter conditions. The product is rated for 3 seasons, however out of the $50 dollar and under category it is certainly one of the best choices for colder weather. The bag has a limited lifetime warranty, making it lifetime warranty under certain conditions.

  • 5Lbs

Check here for the latest price of the TETON Sports Celsius Regular Sleeping Bag

Winner Outfitters Mummy Sleeping Bag

 The Winners Outfitters Sleeping bag is highly reviewed by its users, people love its durability for how light it is. Most sleeping bags use 210T or 190T (thread-count), but the Winner Outfitters bag uses a polyester 350T. This is a stronger holding material, which proves it has a strong durable shield. The inside is skin friendly, known to be extremely comfortable. Also inside is hollow fibers and this means it makes the sleeping bag fluffy. Having this hollow fiber raises its comfort level a lot, the more puff around the comfier you are. Zippers are high quality and do not get caught up in loose materials. The bag comes with a compression bag, great for traveling and backpacking.

At the top of the bag there are shoulder cushions that stick out to keep cold air out and warm air in. Also, the strings on top tighten for an enclosed head area, great to keep heat in and extra head protection.

  • 2.8Lbs

Check here for the latest price of the Winner Outfitters Mummy Sleeping Bag

Abco Tech Envelope Lightweight Sleeping Bag – Top Seller

 The Abco Tech Envelope Lightweight sleeping bag is one of the most reviewed and rated under $50 dollar sleeping bag online. Thousands of people have purchased the Abco Tech. It is very affordable, and people love using it. The main problem with the bag is it has a rating of 20°F or -6°C, but users say it is mostly recommended as a 3 season or summer sleeping bag. Just make sure you are camping in appropriate weather and know the bag before you go into a cold trip. 

The sleeping bag is just above 7 feet long, and 2.45 feet wide. It is a very spacious sleeping bag, but the downfall of being large makes the compression bag much larger than other sleeping bags for carrying. This bag is great for warmer camping nights, or to use as an extra sleeping area when in need.

  • 4.19Lbs

Check here for the latest price of the Abco Tech Envelope Lightweight Sleeping Bag


When purchasing a $50 dollar or less sleeping bag you can’t expect the best of the best, however you can still expect decent quality. This article includes 10 affordable sleeping bags and good quality sleeping bags. If exploring the mountains in cold temperatures or cold camping trips, and you want to make sure you are going to stay cozy warm then maybe check out some more intense sleeping bags. The sleeping bags have unique qualities and I wouldn’t recommend going beyond their qualities, just because I would like everyone to get the best use and to be safe.  Grab a sleeping bag and head off on your fun adventures with family, friends and whoever.

Camping is an amazing way to relax and truly connect with nature. Finding a comfy sleeping bag is important, but if you don’t have a tent check out our best tents 2018 article.

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