Best 3 Room Family Tents

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 Best 3 Room Family Tents – Get Out With Your Family

When most people think of camping the first thing that comes to mind is tents. A tent is an integral part of the whole camping experience amongst other things. Even though camping is meant to be an adventurous affair, comfort is paramount especially when the family is involved.  To help you choose the best 3 room family tent for you and your family, we have put together a list of four amazing family tents aimed at simplifying the process for you.

While we understand purchasing a tent can somewhat be a challenging task when considering the various choices in the market, we only deal with the best manufacturers who offer durable long lasting tents.  In this article, we will focus on two different products, the Ozark and Semoo brands. You will get to know more about the brands along with the advantages of purchasing them over others. The value-added advantage of the 3 room tents is that regardless of the size of your family, it’s a party for everyone. The 3 room tents are great for families of all sizes, whether they are big or small.

Did you know that camping has many health benefits both physically and mentally? Apart from being able to experience new escapades, it also gives people a chance to bond with their families. In this modern age where kids spend the majority of their time on their gadgets, camping is a great opportunity to get them into real outdoor life, impacting their lives in a positive way. These family tents are perfect for building stronger relationships among families, while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Find the 4 different types of tents highlighted below:

Ozark Trail 10 Person 3 Room Family Cabin Tent

 Dimensions: 20 x 10 feet

– 1 main door centrally located and 2 extra side doors
– 6 windows giving better views and air circulation
– Comes with taped seams for prevention of any leakages
– Fits 3 queen air mattresses comfortably with extra space
– Includes a carry bag
– 2 removable room dividers
– Convenient shoe storage
– Mesh on the roof for proper ventilation

In your quest to find the best 3 room family tent, check out the Ozark Trail 10 person 3 room tent and discover the awesome qualities this product has to offer. The access to three doors gives privacy and ease of movement. In case the weather decides to give in, the taped seams will come in handy and prevent any leakages that may occur. The 6 windows will also give you spectacular outdoor views from different angles.

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Ozark Trail 12-Person 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent with Pre-Attached Poles

Dimensions: 16 x 16 feet
– 7 windows
– Pre-attached poles therefore, no assembling required
– Includes a rain-fly
– Taped seams acting as leak protectors
– Fits 3 queen airbeds
– Carry bag included
This Ozark Trail 12-person 3 Room Instant Cabin is easy to set up and can easily be categorized to fit as one of your top choices of the best 3 room family tent to purchase. The pre-attached poles are conveniently designed in such a way that you can easily put it up in just a few minutes; now that’s easy-peasy. The number of windows provided will keep your room aerated and well lit, giving your space a relaxing atmosphere. With the rain-fly protector, you are assured of safety even in extreme weather conditions. The carry-on bag is bound to keep all of your items organized and ready for your next camping adventure.

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Ozark Trail 12-Person Instant Cabin Family Tent 3-Room

Dimensions: 20′ x 10′ x 80″
– 2 doors located on both the back and the front of the tent
– 1 large window and 2 side vents for excellent air circulation
– sealed seams
– Rainfly included
– Pre-attached poles which mean no assembly required and faster set up
– 2 removable room dividers
– 2 storage pockets
– Electrical code access
– Easily fits 4 queen airbeds
– Includes a carry bag

When your family makes the decision to pack up your stuff and head on a camping adventure, the last thing you want is the strenuous activity of setting up your tent.  This Ozark Trail 12 person 3 room tent comes with pre-attached poles, making it easy for you to set up in just a few minutes with no hassle. The option of adjustable room dividers is a unique feature which gives you the choice of having one big room together, or you can stick to the 3 room design. Once your camping days are over, the carry-on bag comes in handy for keeping your tent and accessories safe. With the above features, your search for the best 3 room family tent may stop right here.

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Semoo Water Resistant 9-Person 3-Room Family Tent with Large D-style Door

 Dimensions:  226.5”W x 94.5”L x 73”H

– 3 large doors
– Roof vents to keep the tent aerated
– Carry bag included
– Rainfly protector included
– vestibule area included
– Made from polyester versatile material

The above Semoo family tent is ideal for 9 people looking for simplicity without compromising on comfort. The large doors are advantageous when moving your camping gear in and out of the tent. The roof vents not only keep your rooms aerated, they also act as pest protectors. The vestibule area is perfect for stashing your wet or muddy gear, instead of having it cramped in your sleeping areas. Use the carrying bag to keep all the tent accessories safe.

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Plan your next family camping trip in style with the above tents in mind.  Whether it’s a trip out in the mountains or at a campground, choosing the right tent means you’ll be able to take it wherever your heart desires. Ensure you store your tents well for future use by keeping them clean and all accessories placed in the right places. With the above outlined options, your families should be well-catered for and excited for their next camping adventure. Choosing the best 3 room family tent has never been easier!

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