What To Wear Camping In The Summer?

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Summer camping is the time to have some fun in the sun! Summer season is preferred for camping by everyone from the avid campers to the novice ones. Being outdoors in summer means warm weather, delightful landscapes, refreshing dips in the lakes and starry nights!

Camping in summer is undoubtedly invigorating and exciting but it is camping nonetheless so you must be properly prepared with appropriate attire.

Step up and get ready for sun, sweat and swimming in style!

Here are some pointers for what to wear camping in the summer.

Best Fabrics for Summer Camping

  • Natural fibers like cotton and linen make a great choice for summer clothing. These fabrics are comfortable and light though they absorb moisture and can feel sticky with sweat.
  • Synthetic materials like polyester and rayon heat up and may not feel very nice on a hot day but they let air permeate through them and are non-abrasive.
  • A combination of cotton with polyester would be ideal since that would offer best of both worlds with breath-ability, durability, quick-dry capability and comfort.
  • Materials like wool and silk are of course best avoided during heat.

Camping Clothes Colors and Patterns

Summer camp is the time to flaunt bright and neon colors. If you like the sober and simple look, you can opt for white or pastel colors. Darker shades are big no as they tend to absorb more heat.

  • Clothes with large graphics tend to stick to the skin and therefore plain tees or shirts are preferable. You could also experiment with different types of prints.

Tie-dye and floral prints look really fashionable in summer.

Best part of summer clothing is that you can play around with colors and patterns since you can flaunt the chic clothes without having to cover up like in cold weather.

Summer Camping Top Wear

For the top wear, layering is a rule of thumb technique while camping irrespective of weather. Layering lets you adapt to the change in temperatures that is bound to occur as the day progresses. Around the camp in day time, one layer may suffice but for hiking and early morning/night times, two layers are essential.

The layer combinations differ, and you may not need to wear the layers all the time, but you should have them with you so that you are ready to face hot days and cool nights.

  1. The first layer could be a synthetic material tank top or undershirt with moisture-wicking quality. This layer keeps you feeling dry and fresh.
  2. The second layer should be a quick-dry, loose-fitting top, tee or shirt that can keep you feeling airy and cool. If you plan to go hiking, prefer full sleeves to protect you from sun burn and scratches.

You can skip either the first or the second layer based on the nature of your camping activities. An extra layer should be a wind-cheater cum rain jacket because no matter what the forecast may say, it can always drizzle! You may not wear it unless it rains but keep it nevertheless. If temperatures are expected to be cooler, add a hoodie or cardigan to keep you warm.

Summer Camping Bottom Wear

Warm weather camping lets you skip layering in bottom wear but do not demean the importance of what guards your legs. Nothing beats the comfort of shorts and they are the perfect fit for hot weather and long trails.

Summer is the time to go wild with bright colored, floral, polka or checkered shorts though you could also go for the urbane look and wear light colored linen shorts.

If the hike is through thorny or swampy areas, opt for pants that can keep you protected from scrapes and insect bites. Convertible pants that can be zipped off to make shorts are a great option. Only for hanging around the campsite, a skirt or chinos trouser can be preferred though it is best to skip these kind of extra clothes.

Summer Camping Footwear

A pair of sneakers for hiking and flip flops for the rest of the day are all you need in summer time. You could bring along crocs and moccasins if you have extra space. It is also important to choose stretchable, quick dry socks to keep your feet protected and pain free.

Style is statutory, comfort is crucial.

In summer camping, you may focus on glamming your attire but always opt for comfortable footwear.

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Summer Camping Accessories

Camping is the time to take the necessary items and leave out the extras but do not compromise on accessories in summer time since they are essential and enhance your look.

As Michael Kors says, “Accessories are the exclamation point of the outfit!”

  1. It will be sunny and hot in daytime, so a cap or hat is one of the most important accessories. Various head wear like wide rim hats, baseball caps or even bucket hats can be worn to keep the head protected. You could go for bold prints and lively colors to look trendy.
  2. Sun glasses like shades or glares are indispensable since they not only keep the sun out of your eyes but also add the oomph in your look. Candy colored or funky sunnies can jazz up your outfit.
  3. A summer camp generally includes some swimming, so it is best to pack a swimsuit.
  4. You could also take some light and inexpensive jewelry like a pair of earrings or some hand bands if you like.
  5. To protect your face from harsh sun, take some thin stoles that you can wrap around your head and face. Stoles can be multipurpose as you can also cover your arms with it and throwing it around your neck can pep up your top.
  6. Head bands or bandanas care useful accessories too since they serve various purposes like keeping sweaty wet hair out of your face, protecting from overhead sun and making you look hip.

Smash the summer look

Light packing is always desired on camping trips so choose pieces that can be mixed and matched with each other. Be smart and dress in style to take on the sun and have a fun filled trip.

Summer camping is the time to look cool and beat the heat!

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