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Camping in a tent can be challenging because we can’t control the weather. We don’t know if its going to be to hot, or too cold. In this article we talk about How to Stay Cool While Camping in A Tent.

There are multiple ways to successfully keep cool when tent camping. However, it is important to keep in mind the precautions we should all make before packing up for a trip. Firstly, know what the weather calls for. If you know there are super high temperatures, or heat wave warnings, maybe its a better idea to lay low and decide to go on another day.

If it is too late, or you know you’ll come into contact with the heat tent camping then try out these powerful ideas.

The ideas are basically a way to make the hot days and nights tolerable. I have created a list of different things I have tried, and only including what actually works the best.

Quick and Easy Way to Stay Cool in the Tent

If you are looking for a quick and easy fix from the heat, having a portable handheld misting fan is crucial.

The handheld misting fan is a lifesaver for me. Whenever I am warm on a camping trip I just pick up the bottle and squeeze the trigger, this spins the fan while at the same time spraying water. It is an instant relief from the heat, and certainly a must when overheated inside the tent.

Ever since I was a kid I used a fan like this. I was actually on a family vacation, and in Walt Disney World they sold these “cool mini mist fans” and I loved them. As I got older, on a camping trip I was super warm and searched what are the best solutions for overheating in a tent, and just basically how to stay cool while camping in a tent? Someone mentioned portable fans, and then the mist fan popped up in my head.

So, I found this O2COOL Deluxe Misting Fan on amazon, see it for yourself. They are like ten bucks.. so it was certainly an easy buy for me. It easily has the biggest impact on keeping me cooler when I am on my tent camping trips.

Reflect the Heat Away From Tent?

The heat from the sun can actually turn your tent into a sauna. The suns rays will hit the top of the tent, the walls of your tent, and with little ventilation the heat will just keep gathering on the inside. You may be out on a hike, without even knowing your tent is heating up back on site.

When I was camping, I thought there had to be a way to reduce the amount of the sun from hitting the tent. I tried a couple of ideas that didn’t do to much, however I found an idea that seemed to do a decent job later on.

My first idea, that pretty much failed, was to place a tarp material over the tent. That pretty much made it even hotter.. it created some serious ventilation problems and the heat kept increasing while it could not escape.

I realized after that idea, if the material that we placed over the tent was reflective we could keep some heat out. The best type of material that reflects %70 of the sun is called Aluminet. Its similar to mylar but just stronger and will not tear super easy. This aluminet shade cloth on Amazon is perfect for placing over your tent. It will help keep your tent from overheating without a doubt. Some people refer these reflective sheets as a space blanket to keep tent cool.

I feel the best way to make this successful is to have the reflective cloth strapped just above the tent for breath-ability. An easy way to do this is if you are tenting near some trees, just tie it around securely. The reason to place it over is because if you directly place the aluminate material it will close off the tents air vents.

If you can’t tightly secure it, you can still stake in around your tent. However I would only recommend direct contact when you are leaving the tent for the day, or staying outside of it, because if you cut off all vents inside you’ll still manage to stay warm. The sheet will keep the sun from creating your tent into a warm sauna, which is helpful at the end of the day.

Best Battery Operated Fans for Camping

Having a battery operated fan in a tent can really help cool you down. If you are going on a long trip make sure you bring an extra pack of batteries so your fan can keep blowing.

02COOL 10″ Battery Fan

The O2COOL Battery operated fan on Amazon is a perfect choice for a camping fan. It folds up, which is easy on your packing space. The fan has 2 power options, so you can keep it on high or low. The fan is AC compatible, use it in the car or with your solar generator. This fan uses 6-D batteries, easy for placing in your tent.

Click here to see the latest price : (Link Here)

Don’t have a generator? Click to see our Yeti Solar Generator article here.

OPOLAR Battery Operated and USB Powered Fan

The OPOLAR Battery operated fan on Amazon is perfect for a long lasting cool down. This fan can last up to 6-12 hours, which is easily a nights sleep. The fan is super small, so there is no worries when packing.

Also, it could easily be hung from a tents ceiling hook for a nice overhead cooling idea!

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OPOLAR Clip on Fan

The OPOLAR Clip on Fan that’s on Amazon is exactly how to stay cool while camping in a tent. It is battery powered (4 AA) or USB operated, which is convenient. My favorite part about these fans, is that they are great for almost everything. Clip it to anything, and everything. In a tent they can easily be clipped to a window, hooks, or a storage pouch!

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Solar Powered Tent Fan

3 in 1 Multi-functional Solar Cooling Table Fans

The Multi-Functional Solar Cooling Table Fan on Amazon is under $25 dollars.. that is crazy affordable! The product includes a fan that will gladly keep some air circulation in your tent. This will help keep you cool while tent camping. Also at night, flick on a switch for a flashlight or a LED table lamp light. Take a look through the pictures of it on Amazon to see the Solar Panels attached on the backside.

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To finish up our How to Stay Cool While Camping in A Tent article, we should now know how to prepare for hot weather tent camping. Try out some of our helpful ideas, or pick up some great helpful products, like our different types of fans.

Trust me camping in hot weather can be annoying, so remember some ways to stay cool, and make sure to keep safe. Thanks for reading here at Simple Tenting. Check out more of our articles and don’t be shy to leave a comment below!

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