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Best 4 Person Tent Under $200 in 2018?

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When on a budget it may seem difficult to find a tent that you trust. We didn’t just come up with one best 4 person tent under 200 dollars, we have came up with a list of the best 4 person tents under 200 dollars. Affordability is very important to the average joe, and that is why I am here to help.

Camping in a tent is fun, just being outside makes everything more enjoyable. However, tents are starting to rise in price because of new materials and technologies. This is making what is thought to be a very affordable activity much more difficult to do. Don’t worry our list of $200 tents will make your piggy banks smile.

TentOur RatingRead MorePrice

EXIO 4 Person 3.5 Season Backpacking Tent
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Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent
4.6/5Jump to ReviewClick To See Price

Kelty Gunnison 4 with Footprint
4.7/5Jump to ReviewClick To See Price

Eureka Copper Canyon 4-4 Person Tent
4.3/5Jump to ReviewClick To See Price

NTK INDY GT 4 to 5 Person Tent
4.5/5Jump to ReviewClick To See Price

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent
4.4/5Jump to ReviewClick To See Price


What I like to consider and what is important when buying a tent:

Durability – Durability is the ability to be able to withstand wear and tear through product use. Camping tents are used outside, and there are trees, rocks, sticks, water, and all sorts of weather to keep safe from. Having a tough durable material means you won’t have to go and buy a new tent for every camping trip. The point of this list is to save you some money not to create a reason to spend more.

Weather Protection – Weather Protection is important when it comes to staying in a tent. Having the right durable material to keep rain out is very important, and any leaks can lead to risk. During nights, depending on location and time of year, it can actually get to some low temperatures. If whatever gear you are using to sleep happens to get wet, it can cause you to freeze. This is a serious health concern when camping far from any civilization.

Also, the wind is certainly something we cannot forget about. If your tent is not strong enough to hold wind it can result in the tent failing to stay up. This would not be good if inside the tent and everything collapses, could leave you in a stick enclosed situation.

Winter is a different game, and this is when you have to be extra careful. Only certain tents are made for snow so be aware of your choice if looking for a winter tent. Durability is key and so is being able to stay warm.

Our best 4 person tent under 200 dollars list will most definitely keep you safe from the weather.

Tent Walls and Material – To get a better understanding of weather protection, tents have different wall constructions. You do not want condensation buildup inside the tent, because that is another way of getting wet. Most tents have a double wall construction where there is a rain-fly over the tent. Meaning there are actually 2 parts of the tent. The rain-fly consists of waterproof and durable material meant to keep you safe from rain and other outside objects. Tent materials are coated with DWR (Durable Waterproof Resistant) materials.

The constructed shape of the tent consists of a mesh type material meant to keep things breathable, while any condensation build up will remain outside on the rain-fly. This part of the tent is held up by the poles, which need to be strong in order to remain standing.

The flooring of the tent is connected to the meshed area and acts as a base. The base is usually the thickest and most durable part of your tent. It needs to be because it is not only your floor inside but it is the outer layer touching the ground.

Price – The price of almost anything always determines whether or not a person is going to make the purchase. People want good products, they want the best but only for the price they are willing to spend. This list of the best 4 person tent under 200 dollars will include the best tents at affordable prices under or around 200 dollars.

Let’s get the list started

1. EXIO 4 Person 3.5 Season Backpacking Tent

  The EXIO 4 person tent is the perfect size for backpacking in a small group. When looking at a tent as a beginner or a pro, this is a choice for everyone. The poles are color coded, to help with an easy and fast installation.

It has 5 poles, which is more than a regular tent. Why? Because the EXIO is built to withstand the toughest conditions, through almost any weather conditions. To add, the material it is built with is stronger than most. The inner walls are made of 20D rip-stop nylon, and the rain-fly consists of PU2000 which is a polyurethane 2000mm waterproof coating. So it would take 2000mm of water sitting on the material to have any effect.

The floor (tent tub) is made with 40D rip-stop nylon and PU3000, so it is very durable.

The tent only weighs 10lbs but can be split up into 3 different pieces to be lighter for each individual. The poles are lightweight being aluminum. The tent comes with a carrying bag too, great for easy storage and other options.

Having the poles structure inside the rain-fly leaves for easy ventilation and less condensation buildup.

• 10lbs for 4 people, 3 parts to split up• Can’t stand up inside
• Can Handle Extreme Weather Conditions, 5 poles, low profile making super wind resistant  more poles, more to setup
•  Durable, Waterproof, Resistant (DWR Coating)
• Comes with a tent footprint
• Vestibule for storing gear
Under $200

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2. TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent 4P

The Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent 4 Man Tent is an outstanding tent for its unbelievable price. This tent only needs one person for an easy setup. There are 3 aluminum poles, keeping this tent super sturdy against weather.

This tent is great to be used on a backpacking trip, or even a trip to the campground.

The bathtub floor is constructed with 150D Oxford canvas, which is super durable. However, it is known to absorb water more than other fabrics like nylon. But it will also keep you warmer than nylon.

Use the unique rain-fly in the rain, snow, or high winds. There are air vents placed throughout for better ventilation and less condensation. The rain-fly comes off the tent a small amount, creating a mini vestibule for small extra gear. Under the rain-fly is the meshed area great for tent stargazing or just for some fresh air.

This tent only weighs 7.7lbs, super light for a 4 person tent. But has a pack weight of 9.5lbs.

• Reinforced Seams to last lifetime• Oxford canvas needs to be aired out longer, to prevent mildew/mold
• 9.5lbs split into multiple caring pieces• Can’t stand up inside
• Strong Rain-Fly against all weather types
•150D Oxford Canvas bathtub floor will keep tent warmer
• Scattered air vents are needed for good air ventilation
• Internal Pockets to hold small gear
Under $200

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3. Kelty Gunnison Tent Grey 4P

 Kelty has been making tents for years. The Kelty Gunnison Tent is a stylish but very high-quality tent. This tent is constructed of 2 hubbed poles, and the material is 68D Polyester 1800mm for everything. The rain-fly, the walls, and the floor. However, the inner walls still have mesh inside for breath-ability.

Inside, there are door storage pockets to keep small items you do not want to be losing inside the tent.

My favorite part about this tent is having 2 doors, this makes it easy for one another to escape the tent. Having 4 people in a tent can be difficult to exit, but with 2 doors things get a lot easier.

The tent stands at 55 inches, which is about 4.5 feet. This is not super-sized for standing room, but easy to sit up and hang out.

Included are some fly vents which keeps air ventilation flowing for reduced condensation.


Pros Cons
• The tent weighs at lightest 7lbs and packaged 9lbs• Difficult to break down poles
• 2 doors for easiest escape• Footprint does not attach to the frame
• One-sided awning vestibule to store gear
• 68D Polyester, super durable
Just Under $200

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4. EUREKA! Copper Canyon 4 – 4 Person Tent

 Are you looking for some size? The EUREKA! Copper Canyon 4 has the room for everyone, standing at a center height of 7 feet. This tent can also be known as the mini cabin tent, because of its larger size for a 4 person tent.

There are mesh windows on each wall of the tent, plus the ceiling is all mesh too. This is great for visibility and air ventilation to reduce the condensation. To protect from weather, a rain-fly is included.

The material is coated with polyester, which is a waterproofing system. The factory seal the seams throughout the tent for longest lasting water protection.

When it comes to setting up there are 6 poles, and some need to slip through sleeves. This can take up some time if in a hurry. Though after setup your EUREKA! tent is stretched out to 8×8 feet at the base. Might not be super roomy for all adults, but great for a small family.

• Large cabin size 7 feet tall, standing room• Tall and more affected by heavy winds
• Waterproofing system• Takes some time for setup
• Great Ventilation
• Storage pockets, and hanging hook inside
Under $200

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5. NTK INDY GT 4 to 5 Person

  The NTK INDY GT tent has a super nice large vestibule attached, perfect for lots of extra gear. Also, the vestibule easily makes this the best tent for dog owners. The dog can sleep in the vestibule or come right in the spacious tent, that’s up to you owners.

For a beginner or pro, this tent is easy to set up. It is 12 lbs, which isn’t so bad when you think about the size and extras this tent has to offer. The sleeping area of the tent is 8×7 feet and has a 4.3-foot center height. Not tall enough to stand, but large enough to sit up and relax.

The tent offers a double layer full coverage. Its rain-fly consists of 190T Polyester laminated in polyurethane, which makes it completely 100% waterproof. The extra thick nano-flex poles are fiberglass, they keep the tent strong and sturdy against harsh weather conditions.

The floor is made of antifungal polyethylene and it is durable material. The bathtub style flooring keeps surrounding water outside the tent, to stay cozy through rough rainy nights. Also, the micro mesh is a great way for the tent to breath to keep fresh air in and condensation out.

• Large Vestibule for storage• 4.3 feet height, no room to stand up
• Total weight 12 lbs• Air ventilation is more difficult with rain-fly attached
• Easy to setup
• Waterproof and Durable
• Best tent for dog owners
• 3 season dome tent, strong low profile against the wind
Under $200

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6. Alps Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent

 The Lynx 4 Tent is a perfect choice for everyone. The tent comes with 2 aluminum poles, where the tent uses hooks to clip the poles to create its shape. It is super easy and fast to setup, great for a beginner camper. But the pros do not want to miss out either, the tent is waterproof and durable.

This Alps Mountaineering tent has more mesh added compared to their other models. The ventilation is extremely good, any condensation build up is outside the mesh and on the rain-fly. The fly is made of polyester, which makes it waterproof and it also resists UV rays.

The minimum weight of the tent is 7.94lbs. This weight is below a 4 person tent average weight, meaning it is super light for its size. At four people splitting up this weight for carrying purposes, each would only carry 1.99lbs.

In addition, the seams are factory sealed. Which is a great way to keep water out. The last thing you want camping is water leaks.. trust me.

• Easy and fast setup• Part of the window reveals privacy while inside the tent
• Storage pockets
• 2 Doors – Easy entry and exit
• Waterproof and Durable
•Factory sealed seams – keep water out
Minimum Weight is 7.94lbs, under its category average
Under $200

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Our best 4 person tent under 200 dollars list includes multiple great tents for any skill leveled camper. We hope to help make it an easy decision for you. We have decided to include some lightweight tents, great for backpackers, but still includes the larger campground tents. Having a variety of choices leaves our visitors with more available options, making decision-making as easy as can be. Find your four-person tent today.

Thanks for reading our article about the best 4 person tent under 200 dollars, if you want to learn more about tents check around our website.

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