Stylish Camping Clothes

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Stylish Camping Clothes

When it comes to camping we all want to enjoy exploring what the world has to offer. The outdoors is a beautiful place to wonder off, however it can be quite frustrating when we do not have the right attire. We want to stay safe, and that requires staying dry and keeping warm. Style may not seem like something outdoors people worry about to much. However, it is a huge factor for many campers in the world today, with new technologies cameras are always on you, and you like to stay in style.  Vlogging is popular nowadays and drone photography, all that new stuff finds a way to sneak up on you. Photos and videos are always being taken, in the wild or not. In this article we will talk about stylish camping clothes for everyone.

You may think style is not important, its all about safety and that is totally true. Though today we can dress up in style and stay safe while camping. Most of the products listed are going to be 3 season products, meaning they are preferably used in summer, fall, and spring. Winter camping outfits are often much different than the normal camping clothes, they will be much warmer and have a thicker material. There are so many great brands that are high quality that are great for 3 seasons camping. This article includes Marmot, The North Face, Adidas, Columbia, Arcteryx, and more. Read all about our stylish camping clothes for Men, Woman, and Kids below:

Men’s Stylish Camping Clothes

Marmot Men’s Precip Jacket

This jacket is perfect for the off-grid use. When the weather decides to turn on you, this jacket will keep you dry. The material is 100% Nylon rip stop, meaning it is water and rip resistant. The jacket includes a shielding hood, but also a collar that wraps around the neck making it difficult for water to enter. Beneath the armpits are zippers that can open and close, this is a great way to regulate temperatures while doing activities. What is very unique about this jacket is that there are micro sized holes that allow water vapor molecules to escape, but trap larger liquids out, and this is how the jacket is extremely breathable.

The jacket is stylish, perfect for the outdoors, and can easily be worn back in the city. This jacket is great for camping in warmer climates, because it will protect you from rain and wind. Wear it hiking, or just casual while camping. Check Marmots website out at, or there shop on amazon here.

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Marmot Men’s Minimalist Jacket

This jacket is similar to the Men’s Precip jacket, a noticeable difference is that there is no high neck collar. The minimalist jacket is perfect for your camping trip. It is created with a couple different materials, DriClime which is a yarn that pulls away moisture from the skin, nylon Rip Stop which is water and rip resistant, and lastly the shell is GORE-TEX® Paclite®. This is a material that is extremely waterproof, windproof, and super breathable. When adding up all of these great materials you get the very stylish, and extremely comfortable Marmot Minimalist Jacket.

Take this jacket camping not only because it will keep you warm and dry, but you will be in style. The jacket is known to be a favorite by its owners. Try one yourself and see if its for you, available in different colors. Check Marmots website out at, or there shop on amazon here.

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Adidas Outdoor Men’s 2 Layer Wandertag GORE-TEX Jacket

I have worn Adidas apparel for a while, and they always seem to be very comfortable. This Adidas jacket has style and it will keep you dry on camping trips. It will keep you dry because it has a GORE-TEX® 2-Layer shell, which is extremely waterproof, plus the material is breathable for hiking and other activities. To add on, the jacket is very durable having a polyester plain weave material, known for hard and strong use. The comfort level is high, since there is a nice inner mesh lining with micro fleece around the neck cuff. Sometimes when buying a waterproof outdoor jacket the material is rubbery and just uncomfortable, but with the Adidas Outdoor Men’s jacket you do not have this issue.

This jacket is perfect for camping because of its versatility. There is an adjustable stowaway hood that greatly protects you from the weather, zippered hand pockets, and a internal pocket to keep your important items safe. A great reason this jacket can keep you warm is because of the adjustable draw string in the waist, it tightens around to keep cold air from reaching your body. It is a great piece to add on to this jacket. The jacket is available in multiple colors.

Adidas is a great brand, known to produce high quality and top style. They have a great outdoor selection of clothes, perfect for camping and for the activities within. Head to there website to see more of there gear, or all of adidas’ outdoor gear on amazon here.

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The North Face Men’s Atlas TriClimate Jacket 

The North Face is an amazing outdoor product company, they are highly looked at for their upscale quality. The material used in the Men’s Atlas TriClimate Jacket is called “HyVent“. It is a material that is waterproof, while still offering great breath-ability. HyVent is tough, and that is why it is great for camping. When you go camping you never know what you will be doing, so having a strong durable jacket is the way to go.

The best part about this jacket is the 3 in 1 factor. It contains a waterproof outer shell, and a removable 200-weight fleece liner. The liner is optional because it is meant for extra warmth, but if it is warm weather it is easy to remove. You can customize the insulation to your own personal preference. The cuffs are adjustable, tighten to keep warmth in and cold out. The zippered pockets are secure, and the hand pockets are covered, this is for extra waterproofing and wind-proofing. However, the downside is there is no interior pockets on the shell.

This jacket can be worn most times of the year, it is insulated very well and can keep you toasty warm. The North Face make great outdoor clothing, perfect for style and comfort. Check out more of there products on, or see what products they offer on their amazon store.

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Men’s Outdoor Windproof Waterproof Hiking Mountain Ski Pants, Soft Shell Fleece Lined Trousers

These pants are comfy, warm, waterproof, and windproof. Basically they are a perfect choice for camping, and have great style as a plus. The reason these pants are a good choice for camping is because of how versatile they are. You can do almost anything in these pants, hiking, climbing, mountaineering, walking, you name it.

Most pants you want for camping can become extremely expensive, while these are very affordable. These pants are high quality make, great for tough usage, and they will last because of its strong durability. The outside lining is waterproof, which helps keep you warm in colder temperatures, because once you get wet, the cold air can quickly change your body temp. My favorite part about these pants are the inside fleece lining. This lining creates a crazy amount of warmth and comfort. The pants are a flexible fit, made for the activities it can withstand. You can’t go wrong with these comfy camping pants.

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Woman’s Stylish Camping Clothes

Marmot Womans Precip Jacket

The Marmot Womans Precip Jacket is a great choice for the outdoors. The material is 100% Nylon rip stop, meaning it is water and rip resistant. The jacket includes a shielding hood, but also a collar that wraps around the neck making it difficult for water to enter. Beneath the armpits are zippers that can open and close, this is a great way to regulate temperatures while doing activities. What is very unique about this jacket is that there are micro sized holes that allow water vapor molecules to escape, but trap larger liquids out, and this is how the jacket is extremely breathable.

The jacket is great for style too, if you look you actually have a choice of over 30 colors. Some of the jackets are all one color, or are multi-colored. The Precip jacket is a great choice for going on hikes, bike rides, walks, and almost any camping activity. Check Marmots website out at, or there shop on amazon here.

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Arcteryx Narin Jacket

When looking for the most stylish clothing for camping, the Arcteryx brand provides the one of the highest quality. They look amazing and will keep you in great comfort. The Arcteryx Narin Jacket is extremely lightweight, it can easily be worn during walks and small hikes. Additionally, there is a Durable-Water-Repellent (DWR) finish added on the coat, this is a perfect add for camping. Rain will reflect off the jacket, plus it is durable which is best for outdoor gear.

The Narin will certainly keep you warm with a 750 Fill European goose down, a layer of insulation that is filled inside the jacket. The fill is compressed and lightweight, creates easy mobility while on the move. For style, the jacket has quilted lining work that makes it very appealing to the eye. When looking at protection the collar rises up high around the neck preventing wind and water creeping through. If interested, there is 5 available colors.

Overall this jacket is an amazing and stylish. It wouldn’t be the best choice for intense outdoor activities, although it can handle easy camping. The style is on the high scale with a middle rating for camping. If you like Arcteryx products check out their website or there store on amazon here.

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Marmot Womens Sirona Hoodie

This Sirona Hoodie by Marmot is great for the outdoors. It has so much style, so wearing this hoodie is a smart choice. One good reason it is great for camping is because it is so lightweight, weighing in at only 1 lbs. When going on a walk or a hike you will be glad to have a super lightweight sweater, if it gets warm just wrap it around your waist. It is also great against the warmth if the weather gets chilly. It is made with 9% elastane jersey stretch fleece, which will easily mold itself to your shape, while the fleece insulates your body. Although the material is not very wind-proof, it is a great hoodie to place under other jackets as a middle layer.

The rest of the hoodie is 91% polyester, which is known to dry quickly. If you happen to get caught in the rain, the hoodie won’t necessarily keep you dry, but it will dry out rather quickly in the sun. When camping it is nice to have quick drying clothes, you can just hang it up outside and shortly after you can toss it back on.

It is great for outdoor activities because the zippered pockets will keep your important items secure. When on the move things jump around, and if your pockets do not close, phones and other items easily slip out. Trust me it is not fun when your phone slips out of your pocket, and you go to pick it up to see a completely destroyed screen. These types of pockets are a lifesaver. The Sirona hoodie is available in 4 different colors, each type is colored like the one in the photo above. The upper area and the arms are one color, while the body and cuffs are another. The hoodie is perfect stylish choice for camping, if you like Marmots gear check out their website at, or there shop on amazon here.

Check here for the latest price of the Marmot Womans Sirona Hoodie (Link Here)Columbia Women’s Fast Trek II Full-Zip Fleece Jacket

When going camping you may not want the most expensive equipment, you might want something you can wear near the fire, or in the mud. You do not want to be anxious about your nice expensive stuff, and this Columbia Women’s Fast Trek II is something you will not have to worry about. It is super affordable and is exactly what you want when camping. You can get down and dirty, because the jacket is not hundreds of dollars. The best part is it still has the same great perks an expensive jacket would have, and its super stylish.

When it comes to a fleece jacket, we know the material will not be waterproof. This jacket is 100% polyester, which we know dries out pretty quick. The Fast Treks fleece material is perfect for being outside at night while camping, because it usually gets chilly when the sun goes down, but the fleece will keep you nice and warm. Another plus to this jacket is the zippered pockets. When having zippered pockets you can place your items in them and they are safe for the adventures.

My favorite part about this jacket is the amount of options you have to choose from when it comes to color choice. There are about 30+ different choices you have. If you are into vests, Columbia has a very stylish vest similar to this jacket, check it out by clicking here. Columbia offers great affordable gear, check out their amazon store here, or their website

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Columbia Storm Surge Pant

Do you want camping pants that you can wear through the tough, the wet, and the cold? While still keeping that stylish look? Then these are the pants for you. The Columbia Storm Surge Pants have everything you need for protection and comfort. When taking on the weather that camping holds, the Surge pants will keep you nice and dry. The outside shell is made with 100% Nylon MP LTX, which is waterproof and windproof guaranteed. To stay warm, being dry is a must, then you can worry about other factors that keep you warm. After making sure you are dry you need layers of clothing, and the Surge pants are baggy and spacious, plenty of room for layers, while still being comfortable.

The seal in the pants keeps moisture out while still being breathable. There are plenty sizes to choose from and each includes a draw cord to tighten up around the waist. Also on the bottom of the pants, the cuffs have a Velcro strap to easily tighten to keep the inside of your boots dry and clean.

Columbia offers great quality products at affordable prices, check out their amazon shop here.

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Kids Stylish Camping Clothes

The North Face Thermoball Hoodie

My favorite part about this hoodie/jacket for the kids, is the variety of choices. You can choose colors for the little girl, or the little guy. They come in different patterns and colors so plenty of options. This jacket will keep the kids nice and warm when out and about. There is similar insulation as goose down jackets have, so your young one will keep warm. The outside layer is 100% nylon taffeta, which is a super lightweight, windproof and waterproof material. These are great things to have when on a camping trip.

The jacket has a chin zip guard, which is great to keep out chilly winds. Also there are 2 pockets to place little hands in if in need of protection. Not only will the kids be in style in the adults eye, but they will love them too! North Face makes trustworthy gear for everyone, check out their Amazon store here, or their website at

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Marmot PreCip Kids’ Waterproof Rain/Hiking Pant

Picking out pants for the kids is not an easy task when it comes to camping clothes. As a parent you want to find something that can keep your kids safe. This means staying warm and dry. Kids get into everything, so durability is a must as well. The Marmot PreCip Kids’ Water Proof pants will keep your kids dry and warm.

The pants are made with 100% polyester ripstop, which is a strong durable material. Having strong durable material means these pants will last long for multiple trips, cause we know kids need strong clothing. The polyester pants are coated with a water-repellent finish 1.5 oz/yd, keeping the kids dry inside out. We know kids are always running around out in the campsite, and we do not want to slow them down. Marmots PreCip pants are super lightweight, keeping your kids up to speed.

To stay comfortable, the NanoPro fabric creates waterproof but breathable material. Great for when kids are out sweating on the move. And when the kids are ready to come back in the tent, or camper, the ankle zippers are easy to unzip and kick off the boots. Also as a parent you’ll be thankful for the snap cuffs down bottom, because they keep rain and mud out of the boot. Don’t you get tired of cleaning up wet and muddy footprints? Anyways these pants can prevent that issue.

The pants match any style, and kids will love them. Marmot makes great outdoor gear, and there is plenty that is affordable on there amazon store here. Or check out their website at

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Camping is evolving and it is not always about the tough crazy looking gear. Camp gear can have a stylish look while still being weather protecting. Find some stylish camping clothes above that suits who you are as a person, or try something new. Zip up into some stylish clothes and have an amazing time on your next camping trip.

Find out more information on camping, tents, and more on our website. Read our Proper Camping Attire article to learn more about safety in camping clothes.

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