Kelty Salida Tent Review (1/2/4 Person) | 2018

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Kelty Salida Review – Tents

Enjoy life in the country in the Kelty Salida tent. You and your partner can head out and camp light using this tent. It weighs under 7lbs at its largest 4 person size. You can carry it by yourself, or split the weight up for each person.

When it comes to setting up, it offers clips which provide simple attachment of the poles to the fabric. It has a color-coded clip and fly to save you set up time. The poles are all DAC Pressfit. They follow a technique where the connector tube and main pole have an interference fit. It ensures the two parts will never come apart. They are the most rugged poles in the market because of their effectiveness.

This three-season tent has everything you need for remarkable camping.

Quick Specs

Size Tent1 Person Salida2 Person Salida4 person Salida
Minimum Weight3.38lbs3.88lbs6.63lbs
Packaged Weight 3.88lbs4.56lbs7.31lbs
Tent TypeBackpackingBackpackingBackpacking
Seasons3 Seasons3 Seasons3 Seasons
Number of Poles222
Floor Area 20 ft2 / 1.86 m230.5 ft2 / 2.83 m255 ft2 / 5.11 m2

Detailed Overview

When heading off on a backpacking trip you cannot go wrong choosing the Kelty Salida Tents. You get the best possible value, the price is fair, durable material, and lightweight for easy travel. There is not much else you can ask for when choosing a backpacking tent.

Looking at this tents durability, we know it can handle the tough and the rough. The material used is 68D Nylon and 68D Polyester. On the floor of the tent , 68D Nylon is used. The reason for this is nylon is known to be softer and stronger, and when placed between the ground and a persons weight it must be durabble. The walls consist of 68D Polyester and 40D No-See-Um Mesh. Using polyester is very waterproof, while the No-See-Um mesh is installed for breath-ability. Lastly, the rain-fly is also made with 68D Polyester which is extremely waterproof; it will keep you dry.

My favorite part about the Salida tents are the easy setups. After a long day hike into the wilderness its nice to know within minutes your wonderful Kelty Salida tent is going to be up, no frills.

This award winning tent will easily keep a smile on your face, having such a large camping space at such a lightweight, there is no room for complaints. Pack it up, and head off into a simple and adventurous journey.


⦁ Compact folding poles⦁ It can have ventilation problems in very warm weather
⦁ Comes with color-coded fly and clip attachment for fast setting up
⦁ Includes internal storage pockets
⦁ Large internal Sq. Ft. room
⦁ Packs light and one person can carry it in a small bag

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We hope you liked our Kelty Salida Review. The tent is perfect for all types of campers, it can be setup easily, which means pros to beginners will have no issues. If you have a tent from the Salida series let us know how it has worked for you! If you don’t have one, and are searching for the right tent try this one out. There are so many positive reviews online where people have no complaints about their purchase.

Check here for the latest price if you are interested Kelty Salida Tents – Most Recent Prices 


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