Best 6 Person Tent Under $200 in 2018?

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Everyone who loves to go camping knows how important it is to have a good quality tent. We want to keep dry from the rain and stay safe from any other harsh weather conditions. However, we don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a camping tent because camping is meant to be affordable.  If you are looking for a comfy, trustworthy, and affordable best 6 person tent under 200 dollars then you have come to the right place.

I have been camping for many years now and I have used various different brands of camping tents and gear. I love to create lists of the best tents and camping gear so others know what to buy or consider buying. This list includes 6 person camping tents under $200 dollars, they are either car camping tents or backpacking tents. I will list each one individually explaining what they have to offer, and if they have some disadvantages some actual owners have come across.

TentOverall RatingReviewPrice

Coleman Montana 6 Person Tent
4.8/5Jump to ReviewClick To See Price

Wenzel Evergreen Tent - 6 Person
4.3/5Jump to ReviewClick To See Price

NTK Cherokee GT 5 to 6 Person
4.7/5Jump to ReviewClick To See Price

Columbia Sportswear Ashland 6 Person Tent
4.6/5Jump to ReviewClick To See Price

Coleman Echo Lake 6 Person Fast Pitch Cabin with Cabinet
4.9/5Jump to ReviewClick To See Price

Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin
4.5/5Jump to ReviewClick To See Price

Steel Creek Fast Pitch 6-Person Dome Tent With Screen Room
4.9/5Jump to ReviewClick To See Price

Coleman Tenaya Lake 6 Person Fast Pitch Cabin with Cabinets
4.9/5Jump to ReviewClick To See Price


Coleman Montana 6 Person Tent Review

 The Coleman Montana 6 Person Tent is definitely one the best available options for a 6 person tent under $200. It offers great quality and durability, with its polyester taffeta 75D material. The installed WeatherTec system is perfect to keep water outside the tent. What the WeatherTec system represents is that the seams of the tent are heat welded together providing better strength against wind and water.

It has a large awning that provides shelter from the rain. This is a great addition for when you enter and exit your tent during heavy rain. The Tent has great ventilation system so you don’t overheat during hot days and condensation build up is moderate. Each side has two long windows and the front door is also half a window.

Setting up this tent will take a bit more time initially, most tents are not super easy the first time. However, once you set it up a few times you can have it up in 15 minutes. That is great set up timing for a strongly structured camping tent. If you own or have used the Coleman Montana 6 Person Tent before let us know how you liked it in our comments section below!

– Weather Resistant– No True Vestibule
– Front Awning– One Medium Door
– 15 Minute Set Up
– Spacious
Under $200


Wenzel Evergreen Tent – 6 Person Review

The Wenzel Evergreen Tent – 6 Person has a unique shape. I haven’t really noticed any other tents extremely similarly, but it is considered a dome tent. The big front door is great for an easy entry and exit. This tent is constructed of a strong durable material, it uses Weather Armor polyester fabric with a polyurethane coating. You will stay nice and dry when camping in the Wenzel Evergreen Tent.

You have 3 closable mesh windows in the tent and the entire ceiling is mesh. This is perfect for days with great weather and you want air flowing in. Plus if you are a stargazer then this tent is perfect for it, look into the sky with no issue. If the weather gets bad toss on the rainfly in minutes, its waterproof and prevents water from entering in.

There are electrical ports that are weather sealed. Great for camping in sites that provide electricity so you can use whatever gear you want inside. For example camping fridges, camping fans, lanterns, etc.

– Can be Divided– Fiberglass Poles
– Amazing Air Circulation with 3 Windows and Mesh Ceiling
– Perfect for Stargazing
– Waterproof
– Backpacking and Car Camping Ready
Under $200

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NTK Cherokee GT 5 to 6 Person Review

 The NTK Cherokee GT 5 to 6 Person Tent is a tent that will last a very long time. NTK brand offers high-quality camping tents at prices that are almost unbeatable. This tent has anti-fungus floor material that is bathtub style, meaning the seams are above ground level. This idea is great for tent floors because it prevents puddles and what not from entering.

Having a Thick Nano-Flex technology frame means your NTK Cherokee will remain standing through heavy winds. Windy conditions can be a huge consideration when tent camping. Depending on location be aware of your surroundings and make sure your tent will stay standing.

The micro mesh keeps mosquitos out and lets air circulate through. The rain-fly is easily removable because of its clip-on design, great for hot nights and days. This rain-fly extends to the ground which makes water flow off of the tent, making sure it doesn’t reach its way inside.

It is a super lightweight tent for its class, which is easy for packing and carrying. I certainly recommend this tent for any camper who is looking for size and quality for a good price.

– Easy Set Up– Not large enough for 6 people
– Waterproof
– 190T Polyester Laminated with Polyurethane
– Thick Nano-Flex Technology Frame
– 5.8 Foot Standing Height
Under $200

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Columbia Sportswear Ashland 6 Person Tent Review

The three season Columbia Sportswear Ashland 6 Person Tent is a very nice tent. As we all know Columbia makes great outdoor camping clothes. They make sure quality is put first, which they also do with there camping tents. This tent is made out of 68D 190T Polyester 800MM, meaning it is durable and can handle rain-water. This fabric is water and stain repellant with “Omni-shield” which resists liquids and dries 3-5 times faster than untreated fabrics. Having a tent that dries quicker means less chance of mold in storage.

It has decent space inside and is designed for 2 queen size mattresses. Not best for 6 people but would fit 4-5 easily with gear. It has a peak height of 6 feet tall, great standing room and you won’t feel suffocated inside.

The Columbia Sportswear has really good ventilation according to its owners. The ceiling is mesh, and there is also 3 windows plus the door window. Open up and air out the inside from humidity and heat. The zippers are metal and are known to be very good quality, however, some owners say it can get snagged into the tent fabric so be careful!

– Waterproof and Very Resistant– Zipper Snags
– High Quality
– Lightweight
– Good Ventilation
Under $200

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Coleman Echo Lake 6 Person Fast Pitch Cabin with Cabinet Review

One of the top choices for a 6 person tent under $200 is the Coleman Echo Lake 6 Person Fast Pitch Cabin with Cabinet. Actual owners say it is the best rainproof family camping tent. The tent is made of high-quality materials, like most Coleman camping tents. The rain-fly covers the top of the tent and rolls up on each side for an available window option. The trapezoid shape is very sturdy providing strength from wind and bad weather.

It is considered a fast pitch tent, some owners say they had it up in 5 minutes while others took a little bit longer. However, the tent goes up in less than 30 minutes so it won’t be an all-day activity. This is perfect to get the entire campsite prepared for your stay!

The best thing about this tent is the strong metal poles it comes with. When poles are metal the tent is known to be much stronger and safer, see our camping poles article by clicking here. The attached closet just uses smaller bendy poles but nobody seems to have any issues with it. The small closet is great to place shoes, games, camping gear, and anything else you can store away. I think a camping mini fridge would fit perfect.

– Attached Closet – Condensation Problems With Some Owners
– Heavy Duty Poles
– Fast Set Up
– Super Waterproof
 Under $200

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Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin Review

The Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent is easily the easiest and quickest tent to set up. After a minute of extending poles, your tent is ready for camping. The best thing about this instant tent is its ability to stay dry and sturdy against the worst weather conditions. Coleman has a video showing the tent going through a rainstorm test, and staying “Bone Dry”. Then going through a wind test, where winds reached 60 MPH and the poles were not damaged. Unlike its competitors that bent up permanently…

This Coleman Instant Tent has a WeatherTec system where the floor seams are welded together and inverted seams which will keep you dry. It’s hard to believe that a camping tent that takes a minute to setup will keep you protected from bad weather. The fabric used is 150D Polyester, which is a very durable material and will last long.

There is no attachable rain-fly when it comes to the instant tent. It is actually integrated into the tent, this is said to help airflow without any extra pieces to assemble on the tent. There is plenty ventilation, each side has a window and then there is a front door. Plus on top, there are 2 zippered roof vents with velcro inside the prop.

– Instant Setup– Door Uses 2 Zippers
– WeatherProof
– Ventilation is Good
– Spacious
Under $200

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Steel Creek Fast Pitch 6-Person Dome Tent With Screen Room Review

 If you want an area to sit back and relax BUG-FREE then you need the Steel Creek Fast Pitch 6-Person Dome Tent With Screen Room. Having that extra screened room area is a great place to read, hang out, and do anything you want. Keeping the screen doors shut you will be far from bugs and those annoying flies buzzing in your ear. I think the Steel Creek Tent is one of the best 6 Person Tents Under 200 Dollars easily.

The thick and durable polyguard fabric is made to last many camping seasons, years and years. Plus it is super waterproof, keeping you nice and dry inside. The rain-fly covers the tent nicely, preventing water from running straight in. However, this tent is great for sleeping because the amount of light entry is minimal. Sleep in if you’d like!

It is a “fast pitch” camping tent, so have it set up in minutes. The pre-attached poles and quick setting feet make it really easy and stress-free. Pack it up into its expandable bag and enjoy easy camping with the Steel Creek Fast Pitch 6-Person Dome Tent.

– Screened Room– Water Can Enter in Screen Room so Treat As Outdoors
– StarGazing Tent
– Dark Inside is Great For Sleeping
– WeatherProof
Under $200

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Coleman Tenaya Lake 6 Person Fast Pitch Cabin with Cabinets Review

 When looking for a spacious camping tent, choosing the Coleman Tenaya Lake 6 Person Fast Pitch Cabin Tent is the best option out there. I actually own this tent, and I know that it is one of the best tents you can buy for its price and size. You can read the large article here if you want by clicking (Read Article Here). But I will still give some key points quickly here.

Firstly, when it comes to weather, this tent has Colemans WeatherTec design where all seams are welded together and keep water out. I have been through torrential rainfalls and stayed completely dry. The rain-fly covers the entire tent, place it over its that easy.

In wind, it is a large tent and catches gust pretty easily. However, it can handle 35MPH winds + pretty easily. It is certainly one of the stronger cabin tents you can buy on the market. The lightweight steel poles can handle the toughest weather conditions, I have no worries when camping in my Tenaya Lake Tent. I highly recommend considering this to be your next camping tent, its great for a couple, or a family. The space inside is HUGE so no need to feel claustrophobic.

– Huge Interior, 6 Foot 8 Inch Center Height– Some Other Owners Had Zipper Issues, But Not Me!
– WeatherProof Design
– Quick Setup
– Great Ventilation
Under $200

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Considerations When Buying a 6 Person Tent


Size is important for a tent camper. If you have a group of 6 people, you are able to fit and sleep in a 6 person tent. However, this doesn’t always mean its a comfortable fit. The tent is measured and can hold a capacity of 6 campers when laid out in individual sleeping bags. The gear space is limited and will not be a comfortable space to hang out in as a family or group.

I recommend a 6 person tent for a family of four, this leaves space to store gear and more room for a comfortable sleep.

The height of a camping tent should really depend on the type of camping you plan on doing:

When backpacking, these tents will usually be shorter and more compact because they need to be light for carrying. Plus they are more likely to see bad weather and the lower to the ground the better against heavy winds.

When car camping, the height is entirely up to you. I prefer taller tent heights because I enjoy having that feeling of more space. When taller you can walk around without any worries of hitting your head. Tall and larger tents are known as cabin tents, and they are perfect for car camping.

Quality & Durability

When it comes to having the best quality camping gear, price doesn’t always matter. You can still find camping tents that are of high quality, and super durable. Camping tents are mostly made of polyester and nylon materials, which are known to be lightweight and strong. These materials are used in lower named tent brands and all the way up to the expensive tent brands.

The camping tents that I included are tough, durable, and the best quality for the price. Pick your favorite camping tent on the list and you and your wallet will love it.

Tent Type

When looking at different types of camping tents it is important to decide on which you are most interested in. When buying a 6 person tent the types you are going to run into are:

  1. Dome Tent
  2. Cabin Tent
  3. Modified Dome Tent

Usually, these are the types you will see. Although, you might happen to see a tunnel tent, geodesic tent, and even more, but they usually won’t fit in the budget. Dome tents are considered the standard camping tents, they are a simple design. When modified they can grow extensively in size, perfect for larger groups. Cabin tents are newer to the tent world, they are large and spacious which is always a good pick.


When looking for a 6 Person camping tent, it doesn’t have to be hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Our list is proof that great quality and size is offered at affordable prices. Check out the prices and see what you think. Camping is my favorite activity and I want others to get out and enjoy it as well.

If you are interested in camping gear or more tents then feel free to check out more articles on our website. Thanks for stopping in at SimpleTenting and please come again!

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